A usb storage drive that was used on my android tv isn't


I am trying lớn work out how lớn use my external hard drive sầu with an Android TV, & I don't really want lớn risk loosing all the data that is on it by doing something stupid.

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I am planning on plugging the external hard drive sầu into Kodi (on a Mi Box), và then watching the files from it. However, I want lớn be able lớn unplug the hard drive sầu, and copy files to và from it aswell không lấy phí of will.

Is this going khổng lồ work with it as it currently is, or does Android TV have lớn format it before it can be used?


I just plug in my external lớn my shield tv. I think I use it as external storage, not internal. I can freely watching truyền thông media from it using kodi and I can easily disconnect it, plug it inlớn my computer lớn move sầu more files onto lớn it, & plug it right baông xã inkhổng lồ the shield. I don't reĐiện thoại tư vấn doing any sort of formatting at all on it. It's the same for any flash drives I've sầu plugged inkhổng lồ it.

I would recommkết thúc not using the USB as internal storage feature until the update lớn 7.0. It's just too iffy on this box right now.

One time you format it to internal it seems to lớn work fine but 6.0 does not actually transfer data to the external drive sầu. It will actually show the data as being in both places. You won't actually be freeing up space on the internal drive.

The next time you try formatting khổng lồ internal it messes up the partitions on the drive và you have sầu to get a partition manager khổng lồ fix the drive.

These issues don't exist on the Nexus Player. So it's a combination of still being on Marshmallow & something the OEM has done to lớn the USB portion.

kiểm tra out this link https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-open-disk-management-2626080

Find your drive sầu right cliông xã on each và delete both partitions and them make a new volume. For some reason the Mi Box made the primary partition 16mb & the OS cant see the rest of it. The drive sầu is not ruined though.

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I found "format as internal storage" didn't really work well, because I couldn't figure out how to lớn transfer my đoạn phim files to the drive sầu correctly. It also automatically installed apps khổng lồ that location first, which isn't ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá.

I formatted an old 32GB flash drive I had lying around as FAT32 & put my videos on there. From there, as long as I didn't mount the drive sầu in a file explorer program, VLC saw my video clip files on the flash drive sầu.

For some reason, if you mount the usb drive sầu in a file explorer program, the rest of the OS doesn't see it any more, until you unplug it và plug it baông xã in.

Ok, so another question. When I navigate lớn the thư mục containing my files on my thumb drive sầu, I get a permission error, any ideas? I navigate khổng lồ mnt/user/thumbdrive

I've sầu been pulling my hair out trying khổng lồ figure this out! Ughhhhhh. Got it now thanka lớn this post. Formated khổng lồ F32, loaded all roms, good to go!

Android will put a folder on the drive, but that's all. Inside that folder, sub-folders for apps that you run will be created, and apps can only write to those folders. Apps can read the whole drive sầu, but they cannot delete, modify, or write to lớn any other place on the drive sầu. The only exception lớn this is tệp tin manager apps, which should ask for specific permission lớn write in those areas when you go lớn install.

I'm not sure about the Mi Box (I'm khổng lồ lazy lớn look, sorry), but I'm willing khổng lồ bet that it will read NTFS (slowly, as it's probably using the open source driver), exfat, fat32, & maybe some others. I know the Shield will read HFS+, but that might just be extra tư vấn that Nvidia put in there.

I couldn't get my mi box to lớn read exfat. It reads fat32 no problem. But as have much of my DVD collection ripped as ISOs, fat32 won't cut it. NTFS seems lớn work great, và I see no tốc độ degradation, & that is with it plugged into a hub with a keyboard dongle và usb stiông xã plugged in as well. The usb stiông chồng is formatted as internal storage.

But unlike the OP I really don't want lớn unplug the USB drive sầu to lớn add truyền thông media or whatnot. So I am going to lớn try using a file explorer or some other means such as ftp lớn access a tóm tắt via wifi. I don't care if I need lớn let it run overnight I just don't want khổng lồ move sầu the media drive when I want khổng lồ add content. I can of course just access the drive itself via wifi, and not even bother connecting it to lớn the ngươi directly, but as this content is rather static I'd lượt thích to have it as local nội dung without needing lớn consume any wifi bandwidth.

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