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The Anne Pro II is a 60% wireless/wired mechanical keyboard that is loaded with features. A popular choice amongst mechanical keyboard owners, this keyboard has many customization options including the choice between several Cherry, Gateron, và Kailh switches. We ordered our Anne Pro II with Gateron Red switches.

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Included with the purchase is a keycap puller, a red detachable USB-C cable and several colored keycaps you can use to lớn customize & swap-out the keycaps that come standard with the Anne Pro II. It is also possible khổng lồ order a đen version of this keyboard.

Coming with bluetooth không dây capability to connect to lớn four devices, the Anne Pro II makes it easy to lớn connect to a device và start typing away.


$8960%1900mAh battery (8hrs)Wireless or wiredBluetooth 4.0Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silver, Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red, Kailh Box Brown Kailh Box Red, Kailh Box WhiteRGB backlightProgrammable keys

First Impression

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a very sleek, sturdy, & compact keyboard. The keycaps have a nice phông although the vị trí cao nhất row looks a little bit crowded since it includes the F1-10 keys as well. That’s just standard for 60% keyboards though.

I’m impressed the keyboard comes with a keycap puller & several different colored keycaps. Those extras thrown in really showroom to the excitement when opening the box and opens up the possibilities to hundreds of different customization options. The keycap puller makes it effortless lớn remove và swap out the keycaps that came already-installed.

The detachable red colored USB-C power cable is also a nice touch. The red cable really looks agreeable with the all-white keyboard. Most keyboards come with a black power cable but the Anne Pro II sets itself apart from the competition by offering it in red.

The walls of the keyboard case are high profile, making all the keys look secure & safe. Upon doing a few quick key presses I’m really excited by the sound the keyboard makes, but we’ll demo that a bit more later.

The backside of the keyboard has the Anne Pro logo and the number 01. On a side note, I have no idea why the number 01 is on the keyboard since the mã sản phẩm name is Anne Pro 2. Shouldn’t it be an 02 on the back? The 01 may represent something else and I’m just unaware.

Hard to see, but there is an 01 on back of case.There are four rubber legs to lớn keep the keyboard from sliding while typing which seem to do their job quite effectively so no need lớn worry about the keyboard moving around when you frantically type during a typing test. There is also a switch on the back to turn on the wireless capability of the keyboard. Overall, it seems lượt thích a standard mechanical keyboard configuration with a little extra aesthetic lớn it.


The Anne Pro II is a 60% keyboard, meaning there is no num pad, arrow keys, or F keys. Khổng lồ access the F keys and arrow keys, you need to lớn press more than one key at once to activate the lower layer. Overall, it has a clean aesthetic with white-colored keys và case.

The keycaps are PBT plastic, giving them a grease-free look. But even though the keycaps are PBT, they vì not have much of a textured feel and are quite smooth and slippery. I would’ve liked a more textured key, but that is just personal preference. I am a sucker for textured keycaps.

With several lighting options, the Anne Pro II makes it possible to lớn change between different backlight colors so if you enjoy a fresh new màu sắc background every time you type with the keyboard, this feature is great for you. The different RBG backlight colors can be a little difficult lớn configure since the instructions are translated from Chinese and are a little difficult to follow.

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The typing on this keyboard feels good. The keyboard is quite sturdy và secure even though it’s a smaller keyboard, which makes typing feel better. Although I’ll admit I am not a huge fan hâm mộ of 60% keyboards because I struggle to lớn type on smaller keyboards due khổng lồ wrist pain. My wife on the other hand really enjoys typing on the keyboard and recommends it.

The Gateron Reds have a nice acoustic when pressed and give the keystrokes a nice feel. Although, it was a little difficult to get used lớn typing with this type of switch since both of us are used lớn tactile switches, not linear. An improvement would be lớn lube all of the keys to make for an even-smoother switch.

What Makes it Special

If you enjoy customizing the features of your keyboard to lớn get the look & feel you enjoy, the Anne Pro II is an awesome keyboard for you. The several different switch options, keycap customization, lighting options, và programmability allow you to lớn really make this keyboard fit for you.

The fact that you can connect lớn four different công nghệ bluetooth không dây devices and switch between them with ease is another nice feature. This feature is great if you want khổng lồ connect your keyboard to lớn your PC, cell phone, TV, or work computer & switch between all of them whenever you want. In addition, the bluetooth không dây feels reliable and there are no missed keystrokes, so the software is doing its job correctly.

Complaints và Problems

Complaint #1: Lighting Issue

On one specific lighting configuration there is an error where only half of the vị trí cao nhất row lights up & the rest of the keys flicker. I’m not entirely sure what causes this issue, whether it’s the PCB or perhaps the software. The keyboard is fully functional regardless of this issue, but we expect better quality when it comes to buying a brand-new keyboard.

Complaint #2: Bad instructions

The instructions we’re very poor và there’s very little available about the keyboard on the company website. The instructions look like they were written in Chinese & then plugged into Google translate, stuck inside the box, & shipped off. It took a lot of tinkering to lớn figure out exactly how everything worked on this keyboard. Seems like it wouldn’t have been that difficult khổng lồ put a little extra effort into the instructions & it would have made using the Bluetooth và figuring out all the different color options easier.

Only part of vị trí cao nhất row lights up

Complaint #3: Skips lines while typing

My wife noticed this issue while typing up a blog post. While typing, the keyboard will sometimes move her cursor up a line. It’s almost as if the layered arrow keys were getting activated in some scenarios when it shouldn’t have been. It only happened twice và we we’re not able to lớn recreate the issue, so we’re not entirely sure what caused the issue or how to resolve it.

Complaint #4: Battery life

Another downside to this keyboard is the relatively short battery life. The battery is a 1900mAh which will only last for eight hours. Considering how this is a smaller sized keyboard, it does make sense that they would not want khổng lồ install a larger battery khổng lồ avoid weighing the keyboard down. But eight hours is a little on the short side và will require you lớn recharge frequently. Other wireless keyboards on the market with rechargeable batteries can last up khổng lồ 72 hours.


By sheer popularity amongst mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, the Anne Pro II 60% keyboard is definitely a community favorite, so we had to đánh giá it. With both wired & wireless connection & a rechargeable battery that can last up khổng lồ eight hours, this keyboard offers some of the best customization options out of the box without needing to lớn assemble it yourself.

While there are some areas the Anne Pro II could improve in, such as battery life, lighting issues, và crappy instructions, overall this is an excellent keyboard for the price.

We’ll go over the click kiểm tra in our YouTube đoạn phim review, so make sure to check that out as well.

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