Asus rog strix flare pnk review


Gamer choice

The Strix Flare should be preferred if you need a high-unique mechanical keyboard with stylish demure looks and interesting công nghệ.

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The Hãng Strix Flare is excellent. The CherryMX Red switches provide a superb base for every kind of game. They’ll handle work as well thanks to lớn the supremely satisfying typing action



Editor"s Choice

The latest from set out to impress & honestly, I think it went above sầu & beyond. At the absolute core of it, strip away all the bonus features, this is a durable mechanical keyboard that delivers the kind of flawless performance you would expect. However, the little details staông chồng up quickly khổng lồ make this a proper premium quality flagship product.


Gamers Choice

Strix Flare is robust, comfortable, good looking & well featured product that is a great addition to lớn the already high-unique Strix range và a worthy purchase for anyone seeking a new keyboard.

7.5 out of 10

The Strix Flare gaming keyboard plays inlớn this RGB craze in a big way, but it’s also surprisingly one of the more tasteful keyboards that has released.

Original Design

The Strix Flare is a good gaming tool with ingenious functionality that almost lets you forget about using the software


The Strix Flare has taken in the company’s best technologies developed over the recent years, making it the “perfect weapon on the battlefield”. This splendid-looking keyboard works perfectly and rather quietly. It offers a lot of extra features, too

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The best choice

The Strix Flare is a solution for those don’t want khổng lồ compromise and strive sầu for the best

Editor"s Choice

The Strix Flare features stylish kiến thiết with a glowing logo sản phẩm, so this gaming keyboard looks quality

Best Choice

The Strix Flare is an almost perfect keyboard. It is really smaller than its counterparts from other brands, looks more attractive sầu & has broad functionality

Innovative Design

The Strix Flare is an almost perfect keyboard. It is really smaller than its counterparts from other brands, looks more attractive and has broad functionality

Editors" choice

The Strix Flare makes positive impressions only. Its tactile response is excellent và it is extremely ergonomic

Good Buy

The Strix Flare is an excellent gaming keyboard that stands out among muốn the competition not only with its specs

Editor"s choice

Cherry MX RGB are not new but their integration is perfect: great typing comfort for reactivity in game and RGB backlit, Hãng offers a perfect experience. We appreciate the included wrist rest as well as the integrated USB passthrough with full anti-ghosting for a very comfortable gaming experience.

Approved Award

If you can fully imagine the Strix Flare within an set-up, then it is an excellent, although not exceptional in terms of content, addition lớn the colorful range. Recommends Strix Flare: standard layout, almost standard case sizes và excellent mechanical Cherry MX RGB Brown switches, which are suitable not only for games, but also for typing The Choice of Gamers Strix Flare is a modern mechanical keyboard, equipped as it is expected to. It looks great, has a number of famous and interesting elements, as well as a stunning RGB backlighting, which makes it easy to lớn personalize the accessory & give sầu it an individuality.

Performance Award

Teclado de tamaño medio nhỏ algunas teclas multimedia, elegante y coloridomain authority retroiluminación, interruptores Cherry MX RGB, buen diseño final y pulsación precisa y resolutiva, sobre tobởi en juegos, e incluso efectiva en usos diarquả táo más convencionales.

Rating 5/5

Hãng Strix Flare is a gaming keyboard that should not disappoint anyone"s expectations và it would be hard to lớn find some flaws in it. It guarantees comfortable gameplay & great personalization possibilities.

IGN Polska Recommendation

Good workmanship together with exceptional elegance và juicy lighting, gives a very good mechanical keyboard for more demanding customers.

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