Asus vivobook s400ca 14, asus vivobook s400ca review

Summary: The Hãng Asus S400CA is one of the best affordable ultrabooks that offer a touchscreen right now and it"s overall a solid machine, despite having some more or less annoying traits.


sleek, solid built, decent keyboard and trackpad, snappy, comes with a touchscreen, fair price

After reviewing the Hãng Asus Vivobook X202E a while ago, it’s now time to put its bigger brother to lớn some intensive sầu tests, the Asus Vivobook S400CA.

From starters, you should know that the Vivobook S400 is a fairly priced 14 inch ultrabook, with a solid & good looking metallic body & a touchscreen. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest touchscreen ultrabooks available right now in stores, và that’s why many of you might want khổng lồ buy it. It also packs some decently snappy hardware & meets all those pesky Hãng sản xuất Intel imposed requirements lớn earn the “ultrabook” stamp.

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Of course, with all affordable laptops some corners have khổng lồ be cut. But does that mean that the S400 is a good enough laptop? Long story short, it is, but you should really read the detailed review below for all the in depth details.

Hãng Asus Vivobook S400CA video review

The Specs sheet for the Asus Vivobook S400CA

Asus Vivobook S400CA-DH31T
Screen14.1 inch, 1366 x 768 px resolution, LED, touchscreen
ProcessorHãng Intel Ivy Bridge Chip Core i3-3217UM CPU, 1.7 GHz
ChipsetHãng Intel HM77
Videointegrated Hãng Intel 4000 HD
Memory4 GB DDR3
Hard-disk500 GB HDD with 24 GB Flash
ConnectivityWireless N, Fast Lan, công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.0
Ports1x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0, card đồ họa, HDXiaoMI, LAN, SD card-reader, webcam
Battery3 Cell 44 Wh
Operating systemWindows 8
Size340 x 240 x trăng tròn mm (13.35 x 0.83 x 9.40 inches)
Weight1.83 kg (3.9 pounds)

Design & exterior

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that this S400 is a slim and fairly light laptop that should meet most of your requirements. When compared to lớn the existing ultrabooks, it’s not very portable or compact. But next to a regular máy tính xách tay, it is, as it measures around 340 x 240 x đôi mươi milimet & weighs about 1.83 kilos, which is cthua to lớn 4 pounds.

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Plus, the S400 does paông xã a 14 inch display which most of you will find more appropriate for daily tasks than the smaller 13, 12 or 11 inch screens you can get on ultra-portables these days.


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