The best thresh skins in lol, all ranked

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Credit: Riot Games

Thresh is one of those champions whose thiết kế is so good that he’s viable in every meta.

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So since he’s probably never going away, it only makes sense khổng lồ invest into some cosmetics and be the prettiest death sentence at the ball.

He has a ton of great skins, & I’m looking at all of them to lớn rank his entire catalogue based on overall appeal, features, and price.

11. FPX Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 30th, 2020Price: 1350 RP

It’s never easy to design a champion skin based on an E-sports theme.

And FPX was just a huge swing và a miss for Thresh.

The whole theme of some người chơi dude transforming into the champion upon respawn feels completely wrong on Thresh, as he’s the dude who kills nguồn Ranger nerds, not becomes one of them.

And the character mã sản phẩm is a bit too jarring here, as our king of darkness was never supposed to lớn be this shinny.

I will say that the skin has some high points though, lượt thích a pretty good ult wall design, and the most ominous backing animation in his entire lineup.

But that still can’t get this skin out of last place.

10. Pulsefire Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 21st, 2019Price: 1350 RP

Although Pulsefire Thresh was a much better attempt than FPX, I still think it feels too off.

Thresh is supposed khổng lồ be spooky and mystical. Và there’s just something about sci-fi that makes him look out of place.

Plus I hate how his head looks here – it makes me think of evil chickens.

The skin does offer some rather neat features, lượt thích some pretty cool particles on your W, & a rather fitting design for your ult walls… but I just can’t get into it.

Even though it might look slightly better than some of the following skins, it also has quite the hefty price point. Which is why I have khổng lồ place it so low.

9. Unbound Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 29th, 2021Price: 750 RP

Even though the cinematic that introduced this skin was pretty epic, Thresh mains were not too happy with its release.

It’s basically just the base skin, but you’re some hot dude – & that’s wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, being a skeleton is cool as hell. And this makes him feel way more basic.

Secondly, the lore pretty explicitly states that Thresh was not some sort of fifty shades of green Playboy, so it also feels disingenuous.

Overall, the skin doesn’t really showroom anything new lớn the table. But since it’s so cheap và it technically gives you a bootleg Spirit Blossom skin, I couldn’t put it at dead last.

8. SSW Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: May 13th, 2015Price: 750 RP

As another E-sport’s skin, this one doesn’t fit Thresh at all either… but I at least have to give Riot some points for creativity.

Your hair-tentacles are now USB ports, your whip is a cord, & your lantern is the championship cup.

I mean c’mon, we’ve gotta admit that’s pretty brilliant.

And the color scheme doesn’t look half bad either.

Plus, this skin is only 750 RP. Và you bởi vì get a new recall animation & some minor particle changes, so it’s honestly a rather good deal.

Not the best, but not terrible.

7. Championship Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 3rd, 2013Price: 975 RP

Although this skin doesn’t offer too much, it’s just too iconic to downplay.

It was the go-to skin for quite a while – và it still doesn’t look half bad.

The splash art is amazing, the character mã sản phẩm improves on the original design, và the new particles compliment the theme effectively.

Championship Thresh almost has a Lich King vibe, with the different shades of blue và the design for his face now looking lượt thích a battle helmet.

Overall it’s just a very good & simple skin that also carries quite the legacy with it.

At the very least, this could be considered the best Thresh skin that’s connected lớn E-sports.

6. Deep Terror Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: January 23rd, 2013Price: 975 RP

Speaking of skins with a long legacy… let’s take a look at Deep Terror Thresh.

In terms of thematic, this is definitely one of my favorites. The aesthetic fits Thresh way too well.

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Your hook is a crab claw, your lantern is an old-school diving mask, và your face an absolute nightmare.

This skin offers some pretty nice water và bubble particles lớn sell the idea further, và you even get a new recall animation where you pull out some treasure.

So this is an absolute gem that sticks khổng lồ a great theme & does an excellent job overall, without charging too much.

5. Steel rồng Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 21st, 2021Price: 1350 RP

This skin sounds like a rather difficult pitch initially, as I don’t really associate Thresh with dragons or braids.

But it has just enough badass features lớn somehow make it work.

The character model here looks fierce, with a really cool armor design, some scales on your hands, and even some wicked dragon claws.

And the backing animation is also badass, plus the little grumbling rồng sound effect on your W and your ult offers a really nice sense of power.

Hell, your ult walls even have literal dragons in them!

So while I’m a bit iffy on the theme và how it fits Thresh overall, this skin has so many badass elements that I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t dig it.

4. Spirit Blossom Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 22nd, 2020Price: 1820 RP

I know some players are bound khổng lồ be pissed that this isn’t in the number one spot, but hear me out.

The demonic form for this skin is all I have ever wanted for Thresh – it both looks amazing and remains in-line with his original champion fantasy.

But while I do admit that seeing Thresh as human is interesting, I’m not a huge fan of it.

I lượt thích my boss champions khổng lồ remain monster champions.

And the fact that Riot made him hot yet again just rubs me the wrong way.

As a legendary skin, it does offer some really quality features though – lượt thích a new auto-attack animation, new emotes, new death and respawn animations, a transformation, và new voice lines.

But since it carries such a high price tag, và I only really adore half of its design, I have lớn put it down here in the ranking.

3. Blood Moon Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: January 8th, 2015Price: 975 RP

Sometimes simplicity is key.

And Blood Moon Thresh is a perfect example of that.

The character mã sản phẩm keeps that same spooky evil vibe from the base skin, but cranks it full of demonic energy. While the particles are just recolored into red to lớn better fit the theme.

And that was honestly enough lớn make this skin one of the best there is!

The splash art is really good, the little ritualistic sound effects on your backing animation give it some immersion points, & the price point is as fair as they can get.

Sweet và simple!

2. High Noon Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: August 30th, 2018Price: 1350 RP

Speaking of sweet & simple, Ghost Rider was such an obvious aesthetic choice for Thresh that I’m surprised Riot didn’t vị it sooner!

The fact that Thresh also a cowboy here makes the whole ordeal even better.

High Noon Thresh unironically has one of the best splash arts I have ever seen. And the fact that the champion mã sản phẩm can live up to lớn that hype is nothing short of a miracle.

Making his hook a lasso just makes perfect sense, & it worked out better than one could have imagined.

And just adding simple fire particles lớn absolutely everything makes this skin truly come to life.

Also, the fact that his ult is a little corral is straight-up brilliant.

So really, this skin is amazing in every way. And I nearly put it in the number one spot; a sentiment a lot of you would probably understand.

1. Dark Star Thresh

Credit: Riot Games

Released: June 15th, 2016Price: 1820 RP

OK, this skin is so good that it came out with an entire trò chơi mode.

And that’s not something a lot of skins can say.

Thematically, it hits all of the same notes as the base model – và makes Thresh feel a lot more grand & powerful, feeding off not just normal people, but the universe itself.

The new voice lines make him feel like the true embodiment of death as well. Và the new animations and particles are truly worthy of praise.

Your W being a literal đen hole is great, along with your ult seemingly being made up of the universe itself. Và those are just two of the ways this skin makes you feel lượt thích the most powerful creature in the room.

And that’s a vibe that Thresh definitely needed.

I can’t even begin to các mục all of the incredible features in this skin, so go buy it for yourself & play around – I have a feeling you’ll lượt thích what you see.

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