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Games with canonically bisexual protagonists are somewhat of a rarity. These gems are perfect lớn play during this Pride Month and beyond.

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game developers often give players the choice lớn be whoever they want và customize characters as they please. When it comes lớn representation, this can be a powerful tool, especially for marginalized groups as it lets players express themselves and feel a deeper connection with their characters. However, a new term has surfaced khổng lồ encapsulate that cấp độ of freedom when it comes to sexuality. Called "player-sexual," the term is given khổng lồ any trò chơi protagonist who isn't written khổng lồ have a specific sexual preference & leaves that matter for the player lớn decide during their playthrough.

While that kind of freedom is undoubtedly good, it's easy khổng lồ mistake it for actual representation, as it doesn't bear the impact of other games such as Night in the Woods & The Last of Us Part II that have canonically LGBTQ+ protagonists. Games with protagonists who are written lớn be attracted to more than one gender are not so easy to lớn find. Khổng lồ celebrate Pride Month, here are a few games that have bisexual protagonists that escape the "player-sexual" pit.

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The Unnamed Protagonist from Unpacking


Unpacking follows an unseen protagonist, who players assume to lớn be a girl. The trò chơi gives players hints of this character's identity through environmental storytelling. The player unpacks boxes of the protagonist's belongings from time to time, as they move between different living situations over the years.

A lot can be hinted at by unpacking these objects, such as the character's age, their hobbies, their profession, and even who they're dating. At some point, the protagonist decides lớn live in their boyfriend's apartment, although it doesn't work out. Later, they move in with a girlfriend, & players can see that their family is growing by the presence of a baby's crib in the room.


Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler filled with gorgeous Greek gods. It follows the story of Hades' son, Zagreus, who has decided to brute force his way out of the underworld. In his attempts khổng lồ escape, Zagreus meets other gods and has the option khổng lồ romance three of them: Dusa, Megaera, and Thanatos.

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Zagreus can romance more than one character at the same time and follow a polyamorous route without breaking anyone's romance path. Hades' developers revealed that Zagreus' bisexuality was designed lượt thích that from the start & that it made perfect sense with the Greek mythology setting, something that Assassin's Creed Odyssey tried to lớn replicate as well.


What started as a "bug" in Borderlands 2 was later embraced by the franchise's developers. Axton, one of the main characters, was supposed to lớn be flirtatious only with female characters, but thanks khổng lồ a bug, he uses the same lines when reviving male teammates.

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The developers decided khổng lồ take the opportunity & incorporate it into the character. Some fans twisted their noses over the origins of Axton's sexuality, but with Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on long Keep DLC release, Axton got more quality lines to lớn depict his bisexuality, saying that he's out there for guns and ladies -- và sometimes dudes.

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VA-11 Hall-A is about being a bartender in a cyberpunk universe, making drinks, & listening khổng lồ customers' stories. The game has the unusual feature of unlocking different endings based on what drinks are served & how much alcohol (Karmotrine) they had. The protagonist is Jill, a bisexual woman who at some point had a relationship with a girl named Lenora.

Throughout the game, Jill is asked about her preferences for an ideal man, and it's clear that she has a crush on her boss, Dana Zane. Although VA-11 Hall-A has a positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community in general and has other queer characters in the cast, be advised that this trò chơi frequently touches on sensitive and mature topics that can be triggering for some.

The Walking Dead games are all about dramatic decisions, & it's in Clementine's arc finale that the trò chơi presents the choice of whom she can be romantically interested. Players can choose between Violet & Louis, two supply runners & important members of the group. Violet is the reserved and somewhat hostile type, while Louis is an artsy and outgoing one.

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Whether players want to pursue them romantically or not, there will come a time when they must save only one of them, putting the other in a terrible situation. While this trò chơi could easily fall in the "player-sexual" pit, a former Telltale member confirmed through Twitter that Clementine is indeed bisexual.

Much lượt thích Unpacking, A Normal Lost Phone tells the story of a mysterious protagonist who doesn't directly appear in the game. Players embody a stranger who happens to find Sam's phone & decides khổng lồ take a peek at their personal life, going through messages, emails, photos, & even dating apps.

Players learn that Sam is going through some difficult times & is questioning who they are. By reading the messages, it's clear that Sam was previously in a relationship with a girl & later became interested in a boy. Sam also experiments with cross-dressing & joins transgender forums, looking for a place khổng lồ belong & share their experience with others.

Deborah Almeida is an entrepreneur và game developer that enjoys khổng lồ dissect games và write about them during her không tính tiền time.

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