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Together with Porsche Design, we recently announced a new member to the P’9983 family: the Porsche thiết kế P’9983 Graphite from và people are loving it. The latest addition to lớn our portfolio will provide exclusive graphite-metallic colored elements & the finest, hand-wrapped leather on the back door cover. This new Porsche design P’9983 Graphite điện thoại from will combine a unique stylish kiến thiết from an iconic, timeless brand with the fluid and effortless productivity experience of 10 technology.

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The P’9983 Graphite smartphone from is exclusively designed by Porsche Design và engineered using the highest chất lượng materials. Porsche design has collaborated with us to design a keyboard with an exclusive keypad with specially crafted glass-like keys with the durability of rigid synthetic material, plus blackened glass và a graphite stainless steel color frame. Finally, an exclusive Porsche Design sạc pin ID group – 2AAXXXXX, sets you apart and makes you instantly recognized among other Porsche design users.



“The iconic styling of the new P’9983 Graphite from is technically inspired with longevity, integrity, và individuality at its core,” says Roland Heiler, Chief thiết kế Officer of the Porsche thiết kế Group. “And it will offer a new way to express individual style with the luxury of being one step ahead.”

“The P’9983 Graphite from was built especially for those who strive for success every day. This professional tool will deliver superior productivity, ultimate security & privacy as well as effective communication và collaboration,” said Ron Louks, President, Devices và Emerging Solutions at



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Bringing together timeless aesthetics with best-in-class security, the new Porsche kiến thiết P’9983 Graphite điện thoại cảm ứng will offer the full benefits of the 10 platform, with key features such as:

A revolution of the classic QWERTY Keyboard – The unique, elegantly-designed QWERTY keyboard continues to provide the very best typing experience. The additional personalized auto-correction và next word suggestion help khổng lồ type faster, more accurately & with less effort. This superior keyboard also has an exclusive keypad with specially crafted glass-like keys with the durability of rigid synthetic material.

Secure communication & collaboration – brings world class security through BBM instant messaging for your business & personal needs, so you can feel safe in the knowledge all your communications are safe and secure.

Unique PIN – The Porsche thiết kế P’9983 Graphite điện thoại cảm ứng from provides an exclusive Porsche Design pin ID group – 2AAXXXXX that sets you apart and makes you instantly recognizable among other Porsche kiến thiết users.

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A Personal Assistant In The Palm Of Your Hand – Assistant allows you lớn manage your work và personal email, contacts, calendar and other 10 features through both voice và text commands. Hub – Hub is the one place to lớn manage all your conversations & notifications. The Priority Hub intelligently filters messages to give you instant access khổng lồ the conversations and content most essential khổng lồ you, helping you stay organized and focused on the most important tasks. Và with Instant Actions in the Hub you can quickly delete or file multiple messages.

Exceptional battery performance – Battery nguồn designed to lớn keep up with you. is well known for amazing battery life. With an impressive 2100 mAh battery & optimization of power nguồn consumption in 10, the P’9983 Graphite delivers exceptional battery performance. Have peace of mind knowing you can be productive và in cảm biến with people that matter when it matters.

More ways lớn access apps – On 10, now you can discover and download both Android & apps. Access essential business & productivity apps through World và your favorite game android apps & games with the Amazon Appstore. Whether it’s for work, or play, we’ve got the apps for you.


The Porsche thiết kế P’9983 Graphite điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh from is becoming available from Porsche kiến thiết stores, select carriers and retailers around the world over the coming weeks. For more information about where you can buy the Porsche thiết kế P’9983 Graphite from please visit

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