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One-Punch Man: Blast Explodes Onto lớn the Scene - and He May Have sầu Saved Saitama One-Punch Man Chapter 137 introduces an important S-Class nhân vật to Saitama for the first time.

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blast saitama WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 137, by ONE, Yusuke Murata, John Werry & James Gaubatz, now available in English from Viz Media.

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At the start of One-Punch Man Chapter 137, Saitama, Flashy Flash & their monster companion, Oculette, are still underground as the fighting between Psychos & the rest of the manga"s heroes rages on above sầu. Looking through the hole opened up earlier in the manga, the trio hear a disembodied voice that tells them, "Place your h& on that box và prag. A deserving vessel will obtain power. But the undeserving shall be collected." Nearby, there"s a blaông chồng cube impressed deeply inlớn the floor.

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blast saitama Flash Flash remarks that what they"re hearing must be telepathy, & Saitama vows lớn fight the voice, believing it"s actually the true leader of the monsters. However, before they can act, a blaông xã sphere appears out of which steps Blast. The hero"s armor is covered in scratches, & he has a long scar across his face, which contrasts greatly with his appearance in past chapters of One-Punch Man. Blast is happy they didn"t accept the giảm giá & grabs the cube, which he explains "is a kind of transmitter. Touching it warps space so you can communicate with it." Blast says that these types of transmitters are all over và the he collects them "for fun."

After Flashy Flash confirms that the hero in front of hlặng is indeed Blast, the top-ranked S-Class nhân vật questions why they"re working with Oculette, though the hero takes Saitama"s explanation that she"s useful at face value. From there, Blast prepares khổng lồ leave sầu, saying he"ll eventually meet Saitama & Flashy Flash again. The powerful nhân vật then pushes his two gauntlets together, và they khung an infinity sign that in turn creates another black sphere in which he leaves.

While Blast still remains one of One-Punch Man"s most mysterious characters, this meeting with Saitama & Flashy Flash show that he"s very aware of the divine power that"s empowering Psychos. At this time, it"s not totally clear just why Blast is collecting these blaông chồng cubes, so there"s a chance he may not be as heroic as he first seems. Still, had Saitama, Flashy Flash or Oculette followed the disembodied voice"s directions, they may have sầu been forever transformed into something else, much lượt thích Psychos. Had this happened, Saitama may have sầu had lớn fight this divine power directly or face an ally enhanced khổng lồ the màn chơi of Psychos, which could have sầu resulted in catastrophe. So for now, Blast seems lớn have saved the Earth from another potentially deadly battle, even if that might have meant a new challenge for Saitama.

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