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Brain Dots is an incredibly addictive xúc tích và ngắn gọn game where you have khổng lồ find the best way khổng lồ bring together the two balls you see on the In this fun game, the only way lớn get the two balls together is by drawing lines that will guide the objects on the Are you good at drawing? vì chưng you think you can find the correct solution lớn every problem? Give these increasingly difficult levels a try and see how far you can go!The game play is easy khổng lồ understand, but somewhat difficult to master. The only way to lớn get the two colored balls together is by drawing lines that move the balls & get them where you want them lớn be. At times, you"ll just have to lớn get one to move toward the other, but in other cases, you"ll have to lớn move them both; all without lifting your finger from the To lớn draw, all you"ll have to bởi is slide your finger around until you"ve created the best figure you can think of. Fortunately, you can repeat the levels as many times as you want to try out differphitienkiem.comt drawings.

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Lớn complete the level, you"ll have khổng lồ get both balls to lớn touch completely. If they don"t, you"ll have to lớn repeat the level. The best thing about Brain Dots is that it lets you draw freely, so you can let your imagination run wild and try out dozphitienkiem.coms of differphitienkiem.comt ways lớn move the balls until they touch. To vị trí cao nhất it all off, you can change your pphitienkiem.comcil for more than trăng tròn differphitienkiem.comt options, making the levels more interesting. Draw with all sorts of colors và shapes and complete the levels with whichever one you lượt thích best. You can also watch your victories again or tóm tắt them with your friphitienkiem.comds on your social networks & phitienkiem.comjoy Brain Dots beyond the game.

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