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“A white-knuckle adventure . . . This near-future was crafted by experts, & it shows.”—Daniel H. Wilson, Thành Phố New York Times best-selling author of Robopocalypse “Fantastic, compelling, and authoritative sầu.” —General David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.) An FBI agent hunts a new kind of terrorist through a Washington, DC, of the future in this ground-breaking book—at once a gripping technothriller & a fact-based tour of tomorrow. America is on the brink of a revolution, one both technological và political. After narrowly stopping a bombing at Washington’s Union Station, FBI Special Agent Lara Keegan receives a new assignment: khổng lồ field-chạy thử an advanced police robot. As a series of shocking catastrophes unfolds, the two find themselves investigating a conspiracy whose mastermind is using cutting-edge tech khổng lồ rip the nation apart. With every tech, trkết thúc, and scene drawn from real-world retìm kiếm, Burn-In blends a techno-thriller’s excitement with nonfiction’s insight lớn illuminate the darkest corners of the world soon to come.  

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P.. W. SINGER is an expert on twenty-first-century warfare. His award-winning nonfiction books include the Thành Phố New York Times bestseller Wired for War.AUGUST COLE is a writer and analyst specializing in national security issues and a former defense industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Editorial Reviews

Burn-In is a fantastic, compelling, và authoritative sầu look inlớn the future—a future that is equal parts amazing and terrifying. With Burn-In, Peter Singer và August Cole establish themselves both as masters of the techno-thriller and as scientifically grounded futurists. Woven inlớn their riveting, page-turning tale of a brilliant FBI agent’s future hunt for a diabolically clever, tech-savvy criminal are important lessons about the extremely difficult issues that lie ahead surrounding the use of AI, robotics, augmented reality, and ubiquitous surveillance. It is a terrific read!”  —General David Petraeus (USA, Ret.), former commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Commvà, & coalition forces in Afghanistung & former director of the CIA  “Whether it’s a Jaông chồng Reacher novel or John Le Carré spy drama, my litmus test of how good a book is, is the time lớn read. I started Burn-In Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and finished it Monday . . . If you, like me, enjoy fast-paced, well-researched, tech-adventure stories, you are going to devour Burn-In.”—Forbes “Burn-In will bởi more for defense experts’ understanding of this brave new world with literature than a thous& nonfiction assessments would have.”—War on The Rocks “For think-tankers and military and civilian officials, Burn-In offers a buffet of challenging questions & troubling future quandaries; for those who seek a good story, it has it all: robot sidekicks, bearded military veterans gone rogue, & a technological showdown of biblical proportions set in the nation’s capital.”— “The book, lượt thích the other noteworthy novel the two collaborated on, Ghost Fleet, meets its purpose skillfully. It is both lively, entertaining, và well-written as well as thought-provoking . . . should be essential reading for anyone who looks out at the landscape today and sees clouds looming over the horizon.”—CIMSEC “ timely and compelling as it is entertaining, Burn-In raises important issues và will provoke the necessary conversations that must happen about humanity và the future we want as we embrace technology at an ever-accelerating pace.”—The Cipher Brief “It’s a story of human-machine teaming, but like a buddy cop movie . . . It’s a glimpse inkhổng lồ the future.”—Defense One "It is Awesome. Highly recommover it."—Defense One “That fascinating place where things have sầu a real chance of becoming real . . . This book is very much like a nerd’s dream. It’s fantastic. I love the concept.”—State Secrets “It’s a very interesting book . . . It’s a future shock novel lượt thích Greg Bear’s Slant, where things are happening faster and faster. But it’s also a military thriller. I compare it to lớn Tom Clancy.”—Podside Picnic “A visionary new form of storytelling—a rollercoaster ride of science fiction blended with science fact.”—Damon Lindelof, writer/creator of Lost,Star Trek: Into lớn Darkness, và Watchmen   “Burn-In is a white-knuckle adventure into our maximum-probability future. I found surprises on every page, with each startlingly real depiction of new giải pháp công nghệ và its human impact. This near-future was crafted by experts, and it shows.”—Daniel H. Wilson, New York Times best-selling author of Robopocalypse   “Their seamless blend of detailed research & rapid-fire storytelling makes Singer and Cole the perfect tour guides for our world’s future conflicts.”—Max Brooks, New York Times best-selling author of World War Z & Devolution   “I’ve never had such an enjoyable discomfort in reading a book before . . . because Burn-In is fiction, but for how long?”—Foreign Policy “Burn-In is a thought-provoking và philosophical summer blockbuster; it is Michael Bay meets Stephen Hawking, and it is fantastic.” —Diplomatic Courier “With their lademo work, the authors energetically carry on the tradition of this genre’s giants, including Isaac Asimov (I, Robot) & Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers), lớn name a few . . . Singer và Cole clearly understand how lớn make the unintelligible understandable, và in Burn-In they deliver the best of contemporary science fiction. Defense professionals, policy makers, & American citizens alượt thích would vị well to lớn piông chồng up a copy.”—Strategic Studies Quarterly “Captivating và oftentimes brilliant . . .

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something that Asimov would have immediately recognized and approved . . . the perfect blkết thúc of science fiction & human drama.”—Steve sầu Leonard, senior fellow, Modern War Institute at West Point “It is hard for fiction to keep up with reality these days, but it can help us visualize the potential futures ahead of us in a meaningful way that nonfiction cannot. Burn-In brilliantly uses near-future giải pháp công nghệ to lớn ponder pressing matters of tech, politics, và the human relationship with our increasingly intelligent machines. Read it và you’ll not only be entertained, but better able to understand the flood of AI headlines without fear or fantasy. Burn-In is the rare techno-thriller that takes tech seriously!”—Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion, author of Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends & Human Creativity Begins “A compulsively readable story that also brilliantly explains how our near-future world will look and work. Singer & Cole have woven a gripping detective sầu yarn about a hunt for the terrorists of tomorrow, using the best retìm kiếm from the brightest minds of today.”—Peter Bergene, Thành Phố New York Times best-selling author of Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad   “Timely, prescient, & meticulously researched, Burn-In tells a deeply humane and nuanced story about our changing relationship with AI and warns of dangers lớn our free society all too few have started to grtáo with. This is the near-future thriller you’ve been looking for: a captivating story filled with moving characters as well as profound insights.”—Ken Liu, author of The Grace of Kings & The Hidden Girl và Other Stories   “Wrapped in this propulsive sầu thriller is a fascinating analysis of our possible near-future, where promises of a techno-utopia veer into surveillance-state nightmare. Cole and Singer brilliantly and terrifyingly imagine a realistic intersection of terrorism, technology, & policing.”—Phil Klay, National Book Award–winning author of Redeployment “ perceptive sầu & exciting near-future thriller . . . drawing on plentiful research (& heavily footnoted), the novel is strikingly well constructed. The authors are aiming for maximum believability, and they succeed: this story feels really feels like it could happen. Its characters are genuinely full-bodied & readers will totally buy into .”—Bookcác mục “This perceptive sầu near-future techno-thriller from Singer & Cole (Ghost Fleet) warns of the unintended consequences of rapid technological change . . . For all the emphasis on high-tech fears, the authors tell a very human story.”—Publishers Weekly “A near-future SF thriller starring an FBI agent và one damn smart robot . . . lots of clever details . . . a great premise for a series . . . Just keep those suckers away from Putin.”—Kirkus đánh giá “August Cole and Peter Singer have sầu done it again, with a searing look at the intersection of advanced công nghệ, brutal domestic politics, and an utterly uncertain geopolitical future. This is a book that charts perfectly the dangerous course into lớn which we sail—và, similar to medieval sailing charts, on the distant margins it says clearly: ‘there be monsters here.’ Buckle up for Burn-In.”—Admiral James Stavridis (USN, ret.), former supreme allied commander of NATO   “Burn-In will wake you up và shake you up. Just as they did in Ghost Fleet, Singer and Cole give sầu us a vivid look ahead into lớn the near-future. Like the best science fiction, Burn-In is a human story, with great characters and a terrific plot that unfolds in a ‘just-beyond-tomorrow’ world of emerging giải pháp công nghệ. I whipped through the book, mesmerized by its glimpse into lớn a future where intelligence—human, augmented, & artificial—all blkết thúc together in a continuous battle khổng lồ underst& what’s the real truth. So much khổng lồ think about after reading it!”—Admiral John Richardson (USN, ret.), former chief of naval operations   “Don’t miss Burn-In! Singer và Cole have combined their expert knowledge of imminent technologies khổng lồ create a riveting day-after-tomorrow thriller exploring our increasingly uneasy alliance with smart machines and the networked world that enables them. Burn-In captures the imagination, even as it takes a hard look at the challenges ahead.”—Linda Nagata, author of the Red trilogy và The Last Good Man   “I loved Burn-In so much that I’ve already read it twice. This suspenseful, forward-looking novel prophesizes titanic disruptions soon lớn come from the marriage of humanity and giải pháp công nghệ. Most of all, it provides a clear-eyed view of both the highs và lows of humanity's rapid plunge inlớn a world of AI, robotics, and other advanced tech, & the impact that will have on families, society, politics, and security. Singer và Cole project the logical outcomes of today’s rapidly evolving technological revolution in ways that make Burn-In both heartening & terrifying—sometimes at the same time. This book will definitely make you think.”—Lt. General Edward Cardon (USA, ret.), former commander, US Army Cyber Comm&   “Singer & Cole have sầu done it again. Exciting, interesting, và disturbing, Burn-In shows how the inevitable evolution of AI và intelligent machines can và will change our world. There will be both good & bad in this onrushing future, và our entire society—not just our political leaders—will need lớn understand & confront it. So enjoy this great read, but at the same time consider its implications both for our daily lives & our humanity.”—General Robert Neller (USMC, ret.), 37th commandant of the US Marine Corps   “Another winner from Singer & Cole. Burn-In is a great story and a well-written mystery/adventure novel, but most importantly it provides a view of the world in which we will soon be living, where data, networks, remote sensing, autonomy, robotics, và AI are totally integrated inlớn every aspect of our day-to-day lives. It explores that nexus between people and technology—our greatest challenge in living in this new world—& makes you stop và think, even as you become immersed in a great book.”—Admiral Michael S. Rogers (ret), Former Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Former Director, National Security Agency    “Through the eyes of its heroine, Agent Lara Keegan, Burn-In is a page-turning story that challenges us khổng lồ consider the social and societal implications of the game-changing AI technologies that are just over the horizon, & how we as people relate lớn our mechanical creations. Authors Singer & Cole have sầu once again brought the future inkhổng lồ our present, bringing us the book we need to start wrapping our minds around the issues that will dominate our near future.”—Kathleen J. McInnis, author of The Heart of War: Misadventures in the Pentagon   “The only thing America has to fear is America itself. Cole and Singer are among the few willing lớn engage with the futuristic storytelling potential afforded by contemporary reality.”—Madeline Ashby, author of Company Town và coauthor of How to Future    “Burn-In is a high octane (and carefully researched!) exploration of what could happen if America loses its edge at the forefront of the AI revolution.”—Jamie Metzl, futurist và best-selling author of Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity   “A speculative sầu work about a dark tomorrow, Burn-In brims with the vibrancy of real, layered human conflict. Phường. W. Singer và August Cole understand that stories of moral tribulation transcover space và time, & imbue this bold, splendid story with it. There’s more life và imagination in this novel about the robot future than most books of today will ever manage.”—Matt Gallagher, author of Empire City and Youngblood   “Burn-In is a profound look inlớn an all-too-believable future, brilliantly weaving together a moving narrative that challenges readers with its set of robots, AI, and politics. The action is stirring, the characters are all too relatable, but it’s the questions about humanity that will leave their mark, burning their way inkhổng lồ your brain và leaving you breathlessly wanting more.”—Peter Tieryas, author of Methân phụ Samurai Empire  “Meet Agent Lara Keegan, a new kind of nhân vật who captures your attention in a thriller you won’t want to put down.”—Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, author of Thủ đô New York Times bestsellers The Dressmaker of Khair Khamãng cầu and Ashley’s War  

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