Tang code and women


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Authors:Shuo Ren, Daya Guo, Shuai Lu, Long Zhou, Shujie Liu, Duyu Tang, Neel Sundaresan, Ming Zhou, Ambrosio Blanco, Shuai Ma
tải về PDF Abstract: Evaluation metrics play a vital role in the growth of an area as it definesthe standard of distinguishing between good and bad models. In the area of codesynthesis, the commonly used evaluation metric is BLEU or perfect accuracy, butthey are not suitable enough to lớn evaluate codes, because BLEU is originallydesigned to lớn evaluate the natural language, neglecting important syntactic andsemantic features of codes, & perfect accuracy is too strict thus itunderestimates different outputs with the same semantic logic. To remedy this,we introduce a new automatic evaluation metric, dubbed CodeBLEU. It absorbs thestrength of BLEU in the n-gram match & further injects code syntax viaabstract syntax trees (AST) and code semantics via data-flow. We conductexperiments by evaluating the correlation coefficient between CodeBLEU andquality scores assigned by the programmers on three code synthesis tasks, i.e.,text-to-code, code translation, & code refinement. Experimental results showthat our proposed CodeBLEU can achieve a better correlation with programmerassigned scores compared with BLEU và accuracy.

Comments: 8 pages, 6 figures
Subjects: Software Engineering (cs.SE); Computation & Language (cs.CL)
Cite as: phitienkiem.com:2009.10297
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