Obi worldphone mv1 review


There are a staggering number of companies making cheap apk phones, but very few of those firms will be household names. Most people will draw a blank at the mention of Obi Worldphone, but this latest entrant in a very crowded market has the marketing advantage of a well-known founder John Sculley, who was CEO of táo apple from 1983 khổng lồ 1993. The Obi MV1 is no iPhone, but it does have a quirky sense of style that makes it almost as desirable as its more famous distant relation. Almost, but not quite.

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Raised standards

The Obi MV1 is nothing if not distinctive looking. It's curved on all edges, with the exception of its flat top, while the screen is raised up by a few millimetres in a way reminiscent of the very first Windows Phone 7 Lumia handsets from Nokia. Although a tad derivative, we nonetheless lượt thích the MV1's casing if only because the ridge where the edge of the raised screen meets the rest of the phone it provides much appreciated purchase for our fingers. The MV1 is available in either đen or white.


Other nips and tucks include the ability khổng lồ block calls from hidden numbers và the option lớn screen calls against the Truecaller database of spam callers. You can quickly skim & scan through the contents of your app drawer by sliding your finger across the alphabetical index at the bottom of the screen. We also lượt thích the battery life indicator in the status bar which is circular instead of vertical, which makes it a surprisingly more accurate as an at-a-glance indicator.

It's a shame these improvements couldn't have been delivered on vị trí cao nhất of Marshmallow, especially with no firm Marshmallow nâng cấp date in sight, but we still like Cyanogen as a whole. It's hardly essential, but it's more subtly customisable & less intrusive than the likes of Samsung TouchWiz.

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Screen and camera

The seams start showing once we get to lớn the screen & camera though. The 5in screen's 720p resolution might appear low lớn the spec-obsessed, but it's still high enough for crisp text. Its brightness is merely average, so we often struggled to get a clear view outside in even modestly sunny conditions. Its colour accuracy can't hold a candle to lớn even modestly more expensive phones, but it's just about good enough.

The eight megapixel main camera is just plain poor. Shots outdoors in bright sunlight looked a bit too soft and washed out with a surprising amount of noise and image artefacts, so it was no surprise that low light photography was out of the question. It's also painfully slow, from the laggy autofocus to lớn its frustratingly glacial pace at actually taking photos once you've pressed the onscreen shutter button.


Performance, responsiveness and battery life

Given that the MV1 comes equipped with an elderly Snapdragon 212, a 1.3GHz quad bộ vi xử lý core processor, we weren't expecting it khổng lồ excel in our benchmarks và it performed in line with our expectations an unremarkable, very pedestrian set of scores.

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