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Upcoming Changes to lớn Leveling, IP, & Rewards

We're removing the màn chơi 30 cap và merging IP with xanh essence, among a bunch of other changes & improvements!


Hi there!

As you might’ve seen in this Riot Pls video, we’re working on some big upgrades for leveling and rewards in League. Specifically, we’re removing the cấp độ 30 cap and merging IP with blue essence, among a bunch of other changes and improvements. You should probably watch Riot Pls before reading further!

This devblog is for those of you who wanna learn more about why we’re making these changes now. We’ll also give details on a handful of smaller changes we’re making to support the new systems. Let’s jump in.

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Sometime last year, we started lớn look into big, long-lasting problems players have with some of the oldest & most fundamental systems in League—specifically IP, rewards, và leveling. A few things quickly became clear:

Spending IP on runes doesn’t feel good và comes at the expense of unlocking champsGrinding khổng lồ unlock champions takes too long, especially for newer playersLots of players have huge IP balances with nothing to lớn spend it onThe leveling system hasn’t aged well and offers nothing to longtime players

So let’s talk about what we’re doing khổng lồ solve these issues.

When preseason hits, we’re making runes free & giving you rewards based on how much you invested in the system. For the details on those rewards, definitely watch that Riot Pls video.

We’re also introducing uncapped leveling. Remember the màn chơi 30 cap? It’s gone, và it’s being replaced with a revamped rewards system that levels up with you. Instead of getting IP after every game, you’ll receive an unlocked chest—called a capsule—every time you cấp độ up. These capsules contain champ shards & blue essence, & if you hit special milestone levels, you’ll earn special rewards like gemstones or hella rare emotes.

Finally, we’re going lớn merge IP with blue essence. You’ll be able khổng lồ spend the new currency (still just called “blue essence” or “BE”) on all the things you could previously buy with IP or xanh essence. Everything in the store cost the same as before—for example, it’ll be 6300 BE for a newer champ like Kayn.



There’s a few reasons we’re nixing the cấp độ cap và tying rewards to lớn the leveling system:

First, we want to give players something khổng lồ work toward beyond just champions. If reaching high levels earns you something cool like a unique emote, you’re more likely to lớn feel recognized for your time investment.

We also want to focus the rewards experience around content drops that feel far more substantial & cool when you earn them. With champ shards specifically, you’ll get khổng lồ experience that lucky feeling of getting the shard for exactly the champion you were saving up for anyway, và the shard will give you a 20% discount. And—since you can disenchant champ shards into BE & then use that khổng lồ buy whatever you want—you’ll still have freedom lớn spend however you want.

Additionally, the new system will let us tailor rewards to lớn different types of players. For instance, we’ve repeatedly heard that newer players just need more help unlocking champs. So, if you’re a noob, we can very specifically tune the capsules at the earliest levels khổng lồ give you lots more champs that’ll serve as stronger “starter” characters. Similarly, if you’re a higher màn chơi player we can customize rewards to lớn give you exclusive show-offy stuff.

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By combining IP and blue essence into one currency, we’re connecting a bunch of disparate systems (leveling, rewards, and loot) together. Before, if you got a shard for a champ you didn’t want and disenchanted it, there wasn’t much you could vày with your xanh essence. Now, though, you can just take it to the store & get whatever champ you want. Merging IP with BE directly connects the store with the loot system in a way that gives you more choice about how khổng lồ use your rewards.


Uh, yeah, a few. Mostly we’ve gotta make changes khổng lồ loot so it feels great lớn interact with & is balanced properly with the new leveling system.


Since you’ll be getting so many more shards thanks lớn the new leveling system (and with other recent changes to lớn honor và events), we’ll tune down the relative value of the essence you get from disenchanting shards of all types—champ shards, skin shards, & ward skin shards.

In the current system, for example, disenchanting a champ shard will get you about a third of the BE you need lớn buy a champ at that shard’s tier; In the new system it’ll get you 20% of the way there. Also, with so many more champ shards in the system, we need khổng lồ remove the ability to reroll them into permanent champs—but we’ll occasionally sell mystery champions for blue essence. For these reasons, you should go ahead & reroll or disenchant any shards you don’t want khổng lồ upgrade before preseason hits so you can get the most essence possible out of them.  We’ll địa chỉ cửa hàng reminders to lớn the client as preseason approaches so y’all don’t forget.

To offset the disenchant rate changes, we’re going to lớn change the way loot chests work so you’ll have a chance khổng lồ get two drops in each chest. Get ready for chests inside of your chests. We’ll also showroom “bad luck protection,” so you won’t ever go on long streaks without getting a skin shard or a gemstone from chests.


We should stress that the vast majority of you will earn the champs you want about as quickly as you did in the old IP-based system—and it’ll be faster in some cases. That’s because of the sheer number of shards you’ll be getting from leveling, honor, và the mastery system. Of course, it’ll also be faster generally since you’ll no longer have lớn spend on runes.

The only folks who’ll feel lượt thích they’re earning currency a little more slowly in the new system are higher level folks who play many games each day. That’s largely because we’re going to lớn turn the “first win of the day” into a more substantial daily mission. It’ll give you way more XP than before, & subsequent games will kick out a little bit less.

Regardless, those of you who play a lot will still earn more BE than anyone else, and we want to lớn make sure that you always have something good to lớn spend it on. So at the beginning of this preseason, just when we’ve done the IP-to-BE merge & you’ve got tons of spending power, we’ll introduce our special, limited-time blue essence store. You’ll be able to spend your extra BE on things like chromas, ward skins, and even a rare skin. Generally speaking, cosmetic content like this will almost always be available only for RP (or as lucky loot drops), because that’s how we reinvest in the game. However, we’ll occasionally bring back sales lượt thích this for folks who level up fast và find themselves with too much BE on their hands.


Since the store is keeping the price ranges from the old IP-based system (6300 BE for a champ lượt thích Xayah), we need khổng lồ “scale up” the amount of xanh essence you get when disenchanting shards. Right now you only get a couple hundred BE when disenchanting most champ shards, but that number will be much higher after we merge BE with IP. It’ll feel lượt thích you’re getting loads more out of shards, but it’s really just balancing to help BE maintain its spending power.

So, what about the blue essence currently in your inventory? When preseason hits, we’ll scale it up proportionally (multiplying it by about 6.5 times) when calculating your new BE tài khoản balance. So if you already have 975 BE in loot, we’ll convert it into 6300 BE when preseason hits.

One final note: Since IP is becoming xanh essence—which is now tied lớn leveling—we’re going khổng lồ stop selling IP boosts starting now. If you already have active IP boosts, they’ll just turn into XP boosts when preseason hits. XP boosts will also be repriced lớn cost what IP boosts vì today (since that’s now how you’ll get rewards faster).

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait for everyone to lớn get their hands on all this stuff during preseason. Please leave us any feedback you have in the comments below and we’ll jump in khổng lồ chat.

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