Dell latitude 3330 pc laptops & netbooks for sale

Working on a budget.

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For around $500 USD, the Latitude 3330 aims for students và small business users on a budget who may not want the fancy features of a typical Latitude E series model. But what else has the model sacrificed lớn get to that low of a price point? We take a closer look at the most affordable Latitude yet.

The Dell Latitude series is made with business users in mind, both small và large. The Latitude 3330 focuses not just on small business users, but budget-tight students as well by offering the same end-user accessibility & customer service options that high-end Latitude models often enjoy. With prices as low as $420 and options spanning SSDs, larger batteries, extended services và even WWAN options, it’s easy to lớn see how the Latitude 3330 can appeal lớn a large workforce.

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The 13.3-inch model in reviews houses a last generation ULV chip core i3-2375M with 4 GB single-channel DDR3 RAM, 320 GB 5400 RPM HDD và a 1366 x 768 resolution matte display for a retail price of $540. Of course, Ivy Bridge & other higher-end hardware are available configurations. Though the specs are fair for the price, is the Latitude still the better deal compared lớn similarly priced competitors lượt thích the ThinkPad Edge E335 or Satellite L830? We take a closer look in this review.

The Latitude 3330 is all matte plastic, but the relatively thick & boxy build allows it lớn be sturdier than other budget notebooks where the chassis can sometimes feel poorly assembled or weak. The sharp và defined edges và corners of the notebook are the strongest areas of the 3330 as they feel reinforced & stiff. Twisting of the base and display are visible & certainly not as rigid as Dell’s more expensive E Series lineup, but it is not severe enough khổng lồ be a cause for concern. Applying pressure on the lid, keyboard & palm rests will result in visible depressions as well, though minimal again in severity. A weak point is the display bezel, which feels very thin and overly plastic compared to the rest of the notebook.

The slightly above average case is fortunately not all that thicker or heavier than other budget 13.3-inch offerings. At 1.77 kg and 32 mm thick (with an equipped 6-cell battery), the Latitude 3330 is thicker than the similarly priced VivoBook S300CA (21 mm), ThinkPad Edge E335 (28 mm), hãng asus X301A (30 mm) và equal lớn the Satellite L830 (32 mm). Fortunately, its weight falls in between those same laptops and is only a few dozen grams heavier or lighter – hardly a significant difference. Of course, more expensive Ultrabooks, like the Zenbook Prime UX31A, still come in both lighter and thinner and is made with more expensive materials. Chú ý that the Latitude 3330 can be much thinner (only 21 mm) if equipped with a smaller 4-cell battery at the cost of battery life. Overall, however, the Latitude is assembled quite well for a notebook in its price range.

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