How to download the windows 10 version 1803 iso file after version 1809 releases


This guide is obsolete, Windows 10 Version 2004 is now available khổng lồ download. A section to tải về all previous versions of Windows 10 is included in an updated Windows 10 guide. Better instructions are also included when it comes lớn making the Bootable USB.

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Media Creation Tool vs Direct tải về Links

Link 1 yields direct download Links lớn installation .isos và is designed primarily for use on computers (or phones) not running Windows e.g. Ubuntu, Android, iOS.

Link 2 on the other hand gives the Windows 10 truyền thông Creation Tool, which Microsoft have tailored to download the Windows 10 setup Files and in turn Create an Installation .iso on your computer.

If one visits liên kết 1 on a Windows OS it will redirect to links 2 và if one visits liên kết 2 on a non-Windows OS it will automatically redirect to liên kết 1.

To use the Windows 10 media Creation Tool see Downloading Windows 10 Version 1803 Using the Windows 10 truyền thông media Creation Tool. The Windows 10 truyền thông Creation Tool verifies the setup files before creating the installation .iso which reduces installation errors due khổng lồ incomplete media, it then creates a .iso from these cài đặt files. The installation .iso checksums which are dependent on time of creation are hence quality for every .iso. The .iso Microsoft place on their download server on the other hand, has it's own checksum và any users that use the direct tải về link should have a matching checksum (otherwise they have an incomplete/corrupt download). The .iso from the truyền thông media Creation Tool has slightly less Editions than the .iso obtained from the Direct tải về Links albeit, the additional Editions are usually Editions designed for large corporations and generally not used by trang chủ Users.

The Windows 10 English (UK) .iso obtained from the Windows 10 truyền thông media Creation Tool:

Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 trang chủ NWindows 10 trang chủ Single LanguageWindows 10 EducationWindows 10 Education NWindows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro N

The Windows 10 English (UK) .iso obtained from the Direct tải về Link:

Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 home NWindows 10 home Single LanguageWindows 10 EducationWindows 10 Education NWindows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro NWindows 10 Pro EducationWindows 10 Pro Education NWindows 10 Pro for WorkstationsWindows 10 Pro for Workstations NObtaining Direct tải về Links on Windows

This step is not required if you are running Linux Ubuntu, android or game ios as the page showing the direct tải về links will already be displayed.

If running Windows, one will see the truyền thông Creation Tool. They can simply change their browser settings to emulate a mobile experience and then refresh the page lớn get to the direct download link. After the direct tải về links show they can revert the browser settings khổng lồ normal.

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Google Chrome

This is easiest to vị using Chrome. Press to xuất hiện up the developer tools:

To the đứng đầu left of the Developer Tools select Toggle Device, to switch it to lớn a điện thoại view.

You will see a slight change (but the media Creation Tool is still offered):

Refresh the page:

Once refreshed you will see the Direct link offered:

You can then Toggle the Device back lớn a PC:

The page should now look normal but have Direct download Links opposed khổng lồ the media Creation Tool:

You can then close the Developer Tools:

Now you can view the page as normal, with Direct download Links opposed to lớn the truyền thông media Creation Tool:

Downloading the .iso

Scroll down lớn get lớn the Download:

You have essentially three options. The first is Edition which isn't really an option here:

You can only click on the one option however the .iso you tải về contains all the Editions:

Select confirm:

It will validate your request:

The next option is the Language. Note in this option "English" = English US và "English International" = English UK.

Select your Language:

I will select English (International):


It will validate your request again:

You will get 64 Bit và 32 Bit tải về Links, which have a token in their suffix.

This token expires in 24 hours. After 24 hours you'll need lớn visit this website again lớn get a new download Link which contains a new token at it's suffix.

Feedback for Microsoft: Show the Installation .iso Checksums below the download buttons.

Installation .iso Checksums

Microsoft vày not show the checksums on their website unfortunately. For the English UK & English US .isos the .iso checksums are as follows.









Checking the .iso Checksums on Windows

I will use a program called Rufus to check the installation .iso checksums. This program also allows you lớn make a Bootable USB. Rufus is downloadable here:

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