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Better rồng Hills tải về to computer via this link & play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in lớn your Google Play account, install the trò chơi in the window that appears và you will become the Wisest.

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Dragon Hills: A Beginner’s Guide

Dragon Hills (Dragon Hills) - fun and addicting trò chơi from the company Rebel Twins. Despite its simplicity, the process of passing the levels will force users lớn spend more than one hour at an electronic device. The beginning of the storyline is rather unusual, as it contradicts the usual idea of fairy tales.

For months, the princess, locked in a high and gloomy tower, awaits her savior on a white horse, preferably of royal blood. Và then a desperate fellow galloped khổng lồ the tower, drew his sword, và boldly entered the gate. The princess rejoices & already has sympathy for the brave knight. But it was not there! The knight runs out of the gate of the tower, carrying a chest of gold in his hands, mount a horse, and leaves.

The girl is furious! How could you bởi that lớn her! She saddles her battle dragon, and sets off in pursuit of the villain. She holds a sword in her hands - the revenge of the young princess will be terrible!

Game mechanics


Now the player can only control a powerful creature, bringing destruction & chaos on the way lớn victory. The rồng can bury itself in the ground, & quickly jump to the surface. You can unobtrusively guide him along the ground & admire the surrounding natural beauty, made in a đáng yêu cartoon style.

If you need khổng lồ lower the beast underground, you should press the screen và hold your finger. When you remove your hand, the dragon rushes to lớn the surface. The powerful pet of the princess is constantly moving straight, but you can apply acceleration.

To tốc độ up the dragon, you should collect sheep, which are often found along the way, this way, you will collect more gold and points faster & more.

By burrowing underground, you will avoid a variety of traps that the locals have mix for the enraged princess và her faithful dragon. While underground, you will receive additional acceleration. The longer you stay below the surface, the more powerful the dragon will jump and knock down more obstacles. These can be carts, houses, & even whole castles. Along with her powerful pet, the young maiden inflicts equally devastating attacks with her sword.

The angry princess on her crusade will be greeted by locals armed with improvised tools, as well as royal guards with swords & spears. It would be great if rồng scales were impenetrable. But at the start of the game, the lizard will receive damage from any collision with obstacles: fiery arrows, burning boulders of stones, resin & sulfur. At the first levels of the game, this will be enough for your beast to lớn reduce its health to lớn zero. In this case, the cấp độ will have lớn start over.

First of all, you should beware of boiling lava, metal walls & spikes that you can bump into. These traps will instantly destroy the dragon.

Dragon Hills: Strategy passing

The great thing is that on the player’s side is surprise. You can quietly jump out of the ground and fall on your opponents, causing irreparable damage to them. When you destroy various buildings, fragments and chips that will fly in different directions will surely hit và mortally wound your opponents.

Damaging Enemies:

Spearmen.Archers.Shield bearers.Cavalry.Bird with bombs.

You should avoid falling into lava, which can be located in different places. Also, lava has different sizes: in one place it will be just a burning puddle, và in another a whole fiery river under the ground. Therefore, you should be extremely careful, và if the lava goes deep underground, it is better khổng lồ jump out in front of it. This is important, as in some places the hot stream reaches the bottom of the map and you will be trapped.

It is worth remembering that the time the lizard spends underground is limited. At the bottom of the window, after a dive, a strip will appear, as soon as it is completely filled, you will die from lack of air.

Bosses. If you manage to go very far from the tower, and at the same time never die, then powerful opponents will stand in your way - a crowd of strong guards or a healthy boss. The battle with them can drag on, so it is recommended lớn dive underground at certain moments, & then jump onto opponents, causing them huge damage. After a successful fight with the bosses, you will go to lớn the next level.

Coins. It must be remembered that on the way khổng lồ the terrible prince, you need lớn collect gold that is scattered throughout the map. Sometimes it can be found in labyrinths underground, or in snowy clouds hanging over the surface. You will need the currency in the store lớn buy various improvements. After each level, you get the opportunity to lớn upgrade the princess’s sword or her battle pet.

Dragon Hills: Leveling Guide


In a special store for the coins collected at the level, you have the opportunity to lớn make improvements, or buy some bonuses. The store is divided into 3 main tabs:

Improvements and bonuses.Alchemy.Currency shop.

The first two outlets should be of interest lớn the player after 1 passage of the level, since they contain items for pumping the princess’s weapons. Here you can also enhance the mighty lizard & buy effects to lớn destroy the enemy. These effects are most useful during high level monster fights.

Store 3 is a place to buy packs of coins with real money. We cannot advise you khổng lồ spend your (or your parent’s) hard-earned funds to buy pixels. But if you liked the game and you have the opportunity, then you can thank the developers.

Upgrade function:

Armored (Armored) - while improving the rồng gets one life. This increases the protective armor of the beast. With further pumping, you can make your pangolin kim cương (almost immortal, but lava and stones will still take a lot of health).Sword - with each new improvement, the princess’s attacks become stronger, & the weapon itself gains additional strength.Freezing blast (Freeze Blast) - at the time of activation, instantly destroying several enemies và lava lakes.Comet shower (Comet Shower) - available with 3-level player. At the moment of activation, comets are rapidly falling from the sky, which effectively và quickly destroy a significant number of rivals.A giant đen dragon (Giant black Dragon) - available with 5 levels. When the effect is activated, the lizard turns into a powerful immortal giant for a certain time.

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Revival (Revival) - can be used 1 time, after the application is required to buy a new batch of potions. The drink gives you 1 more opportunity to lớn continue passing the màn chơi after death.

All effects are advised lớn be applied in a timely manner. For example, when facing many opponents và barrier walls, it is better to lớn use the Comet Shower. Và if a huge lava flow is waiting for you ahead, then it is recommended to lớn choose Freeze, which will cover the obstacle with ice, và you can safely pass it.

Dragon Hills: Hidden Achievements


As in many games of this kind, there are tasks here. However, they are hidden on the maps. It will take a significant amount of time lớn find them. These tasks can be completed from the start of the trò chơi (even if you did not find them during the campaign). Each task gives a certain amount of points that can be exchanged for coins & experience points. In total, you can score 41,000 points.

Tasks for 1000 points:

Green everywhere - you need to unlock a green card (after passing several levels, a bản đồ with a green meadow will become available khổng lồ you, và an achievement will be credited to you).Jumper - you need to complete 3 times "Perfect Jump" on 1 map. To vì chưng this, fill the time scale of being underground as much as possible, and then release your finger. Then the long will burst out with incredible force, và the achievement will be credited to you.Piece of pie - to lớn achieve this mission you just need khổng lồ be on the maps for 3 minutes without a break & not die.

Tasks for 2000 points:

Cold Night - Freeze Blast should be used khổng lồ freeze 10 knights in one trò chơi (before you die).Terror of the Seas - you must destroy 7 ships in one game.

Tasks for 3000 points:

Darkness - Requires opening Dark Land (card).Long Distance Runner - Complete 3 levels in one game.Invincible - Defeat 4 Mega Bosses in one game.As a ninja , you must complete the Perfect Jump 7 times in a single game.Pocket money - to complete the task you need to collect 1000 coins.All for you - you should get the best armor.

Tasks for 4000 points:

Vegetarian - you need to complete the màn chơi without eating a single soldier. To vày this, you need khổng lồ be underground more often, and emerge in places where there are no people.Almost rich - you need to lớn collect 2000 coins.Almighty - you must defeat 4 Mega-bosses in one trò chơi with the best sword.Destroyer - you need to destroy 8 buildings in one game, as "Lord of the skies" (you can complete it at one of the last levels by purchasing the necessary dragon upgrade).

Dragon Hills: điện thoại Comparison


Now it’s time lớn compare 2 versions of the game - this is the version for iOS và Android, as they are slightly different from each other. On iOS, you will have lớn buy the game and it will not have ad screens. By the way, they don’t really interfere, and on the không lấy phí version, which is distributed through Google Play. Also, the game models differ in the cost of coins. But in both versions, coins can be collected at the same rate.

If you can choose between platforms, then we recommend choosing Android. You can also play from your computer by installing a di động games emulator. Và if you liên kết your Google account in the emulator (the same as on your phone), you can play from 2 devices.

Pros of the game:

Fun gameplay. You need lớn destroy everything on the way lớn justice, while avoiding dangerous places.All targets placed on the bản đồ are subject to lớn destruction.Nice and bright design of cards.The most spectacular event is the nâng cấp of the powerful friend of the Furious Princess.Easy control.

Cons of the game:

Monotonous maps that are often repeated, the same enemies & buildings khổng lồ destroy.Fights with bosses, over time, will take place on the "automatic", since they have no variety. All monsters are alike.Leveling up your trương mục practically does not affect anything.

Article author: Evgeniya G.

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