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Enel was countered perfectly by Luffy, making him the hardest One Piece villain to analyze in terms of power. So just how strong is he really?


After running for nearly a quarter-century, One Piece has amassed an immense and colorful cast of villains. Over time, the power nguồn of these villains has steadily increased khổng lồ complement Luffy và his friends' own improvements, to lớn the point that the villains currently being faced are capable of cataclysmic feats. It usually follows that an arc's main villain would probably thất bại in battle lớn the next one, and that their powers can be gauged or compared quite well based on the battles that they fought. There is one exception khổng lồ the rule that stands out in particular: Enel, the primary antagonist of the Skypiea arc.

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Prior khổng lồ the Straw Hats arriving in Skypiea (which as its name implies is an island in the sky), Enel ruled over it as a tyrant, having usurped the position of Kami from the previous holder, Gan Fall. During the arc, he seeks something called Fairy Vearth (revealed later lớn be the Moon itself), và is willing lớn destroy all of Skypiea with his powers (conducted by a giant gold ship) to vì so.

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Enel's Strength


What can be definitively stated is the Enel's nguồn is massive, & that initially he appeared almost invincible. Enel ate the Goro Goro no Mi and is consequently living lightning. This ability is as devastating as it sounds. With a known maximum đầu ra of 200 million volts, Enel can incinerate most opponents with ease. His nature as a lightning man also gives him frightening speed, and renders him intangible in the face of most physical attacks.

Enel is also one the first confirmed major villain lớn use Haki, or Mantra as it's called in Skypiea, which, amplified by his Devil Fruit powers grants him near-omnipotence. Và as if all of that wasn't enough, Enel's powers also act as a sort of defibrillator, literally jump-starting his heart again should it stop beating.

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Indeed, Enel was so powerful that he defeated nearly everyone he faced in the story without taking any damage, including Sanji, Zoro, & Nico Robin. Enel was damaged only twice. Firstly, he allowed the Shandoran warrior Wyper lớn use a weapon called a reject dial on him, which did succeed in temporarily stopping his heart, only for him to lớn revive and defeat Wyper in short order.

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Next, Enel was defeated by Luffy primarily due to lớn dumb luck. Luffy's Gomu-Gomu no mày makes him a rubber man, which allowed him khổng lồ strike Enel despite not mastering Armament Haki at that point (which would be the only other option), and rendered him completely invulnerable khổng lồ Enel's lightning.


By the standards of pre time-skip One Piece, Enel's nguồn is monstrous. The best measurement of his power nguồn comes from Oda himself, answering a fan's question in Volume 43. Oda estimated that if Enel were known on the xanh Sea, his bounty would reach 500 million Berry.

For context, this bounty is greater than every Straw Hat except Luffy himself even at the current point in the story (although Jinbe may well exceed it soon). Furthermore, Luffy's bounty was only 100 million Berry when he faced Enel. By all indications, this is a massive number for a villain introduced relatively early in the series. Oda, however, was quick khổng lồ emphasize that Enel would not rule the xanh Sea the way he did the sky. Some of the series' strongest pirates have bounties in the billions, và the ubiquity of Haki post time-skip does make him weaker in context, as it does for all Logia Devil Fruit users.

That said, one can reasonably argue that Enel is stronger than the main villains of both arcs which succeed Skypiea. Water 7/Enies Lobby's main villain, Rob Lucci, is a Zoan Fruit user who can turn into a leopard, và doesn't seem to have much protection against the sheer power nguồn of Enel's lightning. The battle may be a bit closer between Enel và Thriller Bark's antagonist, the warlord Gecko Moria, who controls shadows, but even Moria seems weaker than Enel. The first opponent introduced in One Piece that seems almost certain to overpower Enel is the similarly-powered Navy Admiral Kizaru (real name Borsalino).

Kizaru's Pika Pika no mi means he is living light, and thus can move even faster than Enel, and shares his immunity to lớn most physical attacks. That said, even by the current standards of One Piece, it's clear that the now-former Kami is no slouch, & if he were to lớn return from the Moon (where he ended up after Luffy defeated him, fulfilling his desire), he could still vị a lot of damage.

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