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Exos Saga is an online hero-collecting RPG on thiết bị di động devices with artistic, anime-inspired graphics, over 150 chất lượng Heroes lớn collect, automated combat with skills to lớn use, many stages and continents lớn explore, Hero evolution và enhancement systems, và asynchronous PVPhường.

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Publisher: Eyedentity MobilePlayerbase: HighType: mobile RPGRelease Date: September 29, 2015Shut Down Date: December 28, 2016Pros: +Unique, artistic graphics. +Many Heroes to lớn collect. +Easy to obtain good Heroes.Cons: -Repetitive sầu gameplay. -Automated combat.


Exos Saga Overview

Exos Saga is a 2D online hero-collecting social RPG published by Eyedentity sản phẩm điện thoại, the publishers behind Wonder5 Masters và Gr& Chase M. Enter the world of Exos Saga và help the heroes find the villainous Brook & recover the stolen Axisturk. Play as one of 5 characters in their own chất lượng factions. Collect over 150 Heroes with different classes và abilities. Venture through a magnificent world where everything was artistically hand-drawn by famous artists. Form a buổi tiệc nhỏ of Heroes & fight through automated battles with manual skill control. Equip your Heroes, enhance their weapons và armor, & evolve them lớn improve sầu their rank và stats. Meet new friends khổng lồ aide you in battles & take down powerful bosses. Compete against players around the world in the PVP Arena & become the champion of Exos Saga.

Exos Saga Features:

Many Stages to Complete – Journey around the world và fight monsters in various maps và continents.Artistic, Anime-inspired Artwork – Each Hero, quái vật, và bản đồ was hand-drawn by professional artists khổng lồ provide a unique appearance compared lớn other games.Streamlined Combat – Defeat foes in flashy, automated combat with manual control of skills và strategically assembled parties.Many Heroes khổng lồ Collect – Collect over 150 Heroes (which have sầu different classes và subclasses), enhance them, as well as their equipment, and evolve sầu them to improve their rank.Engaging Story – Take part in an interesting journey khổng lồ find a stolen magical artifact và defeat a villainous creature.Online PVP – Compete against random players online in automated, asynchronous combat lớn rise in the leaderboards for useful rewards.

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Exos Saga Review

By, Herman Y.

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Exos Saga is a free-to-play, online social RPG developed by Oozoo, a small Korean di động developer behind the Rhythm RPG, Brandnew Boy, & published by Eyedentity di động (formerly known as Actoz Soft), a Korean game publisher most known for their Smartphone games, trò chơi Iron Knights, Grand Chase M, và Wonder5 Masters. Exos Saga is a hero-collecting RPG much like Grand Chase M và Wonder5 Masters with very similar gameplay. However, it features very particular, anime-inspired graphics that looks very artistic and stands out from most other điện thoại games. There are over 150 hand-drawn Heroes lớn collect, each with chất lượng classes, sub-classes, & abilities, và it is a lot easier lớn obtain high rank Heroes compared lớn most hero-collecting RPGs. These features alone help Exos Saga maintain an entertaining experience despite the generic, automated combat.

Fighting Through the StagesLike many free-to-play thiết bị di động RPGs, Exos Saga is stage-based. The world is broken down into several continents & each continent has many stages, which are further divided inlớn three chapters each. Each chapter has three difficulties (Normal, Hero, Legend) và completing a chapter on Normal unlocks the next difficulty, as well as the next chapter or stage. Each stage features new environments và enemies, although they repeat every now & then. Players will have lớn defeat waves of enemies in each stage, và the number of waves increase as the game goes on. Each wave is fairly short và players can bring along a friend’s character khổng lồ assist them once a day, which helps complete harder levels. Completing stages gives out player and Hero experience, equipment, gold, and enhancement/evolution materials. Stages continually increase in difficulty and players will have sầu lớn enhance, evolve sầu, và equip their Heroes in order khổng lồ take on the more difficult stages.

Streamlined, Automated CombatSimilar lớn Eyedentity Mobile’s Wonder5 Masters & Grand Chase M, Exos Saga features automated, side-scrolling combat. Players can assemble a tiệc ngọt of 4 Heroes and then watch as they face off against monsters và bosses in various stages. Each Hero has a quality ability which can be activated by double tapping the Hero’s portrait (on the bottom of the screen), and the abilities have cooldowns before they can be activated again. Other than the manual control of unleashing skills, the combat itself is completely automated & players simply watch khổng lồ observe the outcome. There is also an “Auto” option which allows Heroes lớn use skills automatically which in turn completely automates the combat, but skills are used less efficiently. Most of the strategy comes down khổng lồ choosing the right Heroes to lớn use (will be explained more later), although activating skills at the right time can be important too. The combat is overall disappointing & bland, but some harder battles can still be interesting khổng lồ watch and the game is definitely more oriented for casual players.

Artistic, Anime-inspired GraphicsThe most prominent aspect that sets Exos Saga apart from similar games is its chất lượng art style. All the graphics were hand-drawn by professional visual artists & it has an artistic unique not seen in many games. The graphics are 2D & the style combines Eastern & Western influences for an overall chất lượng appearance that has a sort of anime-inspired, Western mythological look to it. A lot of the Heroes are creatures lượt thích rats, birds, và bulls with humanoid features although there are also a lot of human Heroes. There are many different environments that are colorful that take place is mysterious, fantasy settings. The combat animations are quite good for a 2D game, with lots of bright và varied effects. The main Heroes’ skills are very cinematic with lots of flair & style, such as unleashing intertwining dragons into the sky or dropping a giant icicle from above, & regular Hero và boss khủng attacks and skills are also flashy that provide splashes of color onto lớn the screen.

Many Heroes to lớn CollectExos Saga has over 150 Heroes lớn collect, which again, were all hand-drawn, & each Hero has a specific class và chất lượng abilities. The main Hero classes include Tanker, Dealer, and Healer, and each class is broken down into further sub-classes such as Knight, Magician, Lancer, Cleric, và more, each with different attachồng styles, attack ranges, và bonuses against other classes. This in-depth class system adds a lot more strategy khổng lồ the game in that it requires players to lớn màn chơi up multiple Heroes to lớn switch in & out of their các buổi tiệc nhỏ for various stages. Generally, Tankers have high defense and absorb damage for the team, Dealers have high attaông xã power và puts out most of the damage, & Healers have supportive buffs và heals. Each Hero has four skills (1 active sầu & 3 passive) which can be unlocked after they reach a certain cấp độ and rank. Heroes can be enhanced with enhancement material or by sacrificing other Heroes, & once they are fully enhanced và at max cấp độ, they can be evolved with evolution material. The evolution system is a lot simpler than in most hero-collecting RPGs và it doesn’t take long to evolve Heroes to max Rank (SS Rank). Evolving Heroes increases their stats, unlocks new abilities, và changes their appearance. Heroes can be unlocked from the game’s Gacha Sumtháng system.

The PVPhường. ArenaIn addition to lớn the main Story mode, Exos Saga also has an Arena for PVP.. and additional modes for farming or leveling. In the PVPhường, players are matched up against random other players in the Arena và battle it out in completely automated, asynchronous combat. The battles are unintuitive sầu but are somewhat interesting to watch và there is a leaderboard based on player’s rankings. It is fairly balanced as the game matches up players of similar rankings, although paying players may have sầu a slight advantage. The Arena uses a separate size of energy và players can only participate in the Aremãng cầu for a limited amount of times per day. There is a reward cửa hàng for PVP battles where players can purchase new Heroes, enhancement material, & more.

Additional ModesThe four additional modes in Exos Saga are: Raid, Treasure Islvà, and Daily Dungeon. Raid is an interesting quái vật battle mode in which players can either solo with 12 of their Heroes or team up with 2 other players in real-time with 4 of their Heroes. Both methods involve 12 Heroes fighting against a giant boss. The combat is automated lượt thích in the main stage mode but the battles are entertaining to watch & there are many bosses và three difficulties to lớn play though. Treasure Island is a quality stage-based mode where players must survive 10 stages against random other player’s parties of Heroes. Daily Dungeons are special dungeons that players can complete every day that are similar lớn regular Story dungeons but give better rewards. All three modes are great for farming enhancement/evolution material, gold, equipment, & more.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)The in-tiện ích purchases in Exos Saga are based off of the standard Gaphụ thân system, but are very generous & largely optional. Players can use Xes (premium currency) to lớn sumtháng random Heroes (Rank B-S), equipment, & material, & purchase Vitality Points (Energy for Story mode stages) and Aremãng cầu Points (Energy for Arena battles). Players can also purchase monthly plans that give out miễn phí Xes every day for a month (as well as bonus exp), or purchase Xes individually. Although the in-app purchases appear very typical of those seen in most hero-collecting RPGs, they are much more optional in Exos Saga. The game gives out a lot of Xes for không lấy phí and it is a lot easier lớn evolve sầu and obtain high rank Heroes without spending money. After playing Exos Saga for 2-3 hours, I already had multiple A and S rank Heroes (the highest rank is SS), which is uncommon in most hero-collecting RPGs. Normally, it would take months of grinding và farming khổng lồ obtain high rank Heroes in these kinds of games, but it is oddly easy in Exos Saga. Overall, the game is very generous in giving out không lấy phí Xes, the Gaphụ vương rates are actually quite good, & spending money is completely optional. Spending money will, however, increase the speed of evolving Heroes và give sầu a slight edge in PVPhường.

Final Verdict – GoodExos Saga is a decent Smartphone hero-collecting RPG with its fair shares of pros và cons. Although the game follows the generic, automated combat formula seen in Heroes Charge và other Eyedentity mobile games, the quality art style, ease of obtaining good Heroes, & largely optional in-app purchases makes it one of the better Mobile social RPGs within its category.

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