Nghĩa của từ fault là gì trong tiếng anh? nghĩa của từ fault, từ fault là gì

fault fault (fôlt) noun1. a. A character weakness, especially a minor one. b. Something that impairs or detracts from physical perfection; a defect. c. A mistake; an error. d. A minor offense or misdeed.2. Responsibility for a mistake or an offense; culpability. 3. Geology. A fracture in the continuity of a rock formation caused by a shifting or dislodging of the earth"s crust, in which adjacent surfaces are differentially displaced parallel to lớn the plane of fracture. Also called shift. 4. Electronics. A defect in a circuit or wiring caused by imperfect connections, poor insulation, grounding, or shorting. 5. Sports. A bad service, as in tennis. 6. Obsolete. A laông chồng or deficiency. verbfaulted, faulting, faultsverb, transitive1. To find error or defect in; criticize or blame. 2. Geology. To produce a fault in; fracture. verb, intransitive1. To commit a mistake or an error. 2. Geology. To shift so as lớn produce a fault. fault1. Deserving of blame; guilty: admitted to lớn being at fault. 2. Confused & puzzled. find faultTo seek, find, and complain about faults; criticize: found fault with his speech. khổng lồ a faultTo an excessive degree: generous khổng lồ a fault. Synonyms: fault, failing, weakness, frailty, foible, vice. These nouns denote an imperfection or deficiency of character. A fault is a chất lượng or trait that detracts from moral excellence: "If we had no faults of our own, we would not take so much pleasure in noticing those of others" (La Rochefoucauld). A failing is a minor fault or shortcoming: "An inability khổng lồ stay quiet . . . is one of the most conspicuous failings of mankind" (Walter Bagehot). Weakness suggests deficiency of moral strength or force of character: "We must touch his weaknesses with a delicate h&. There are some faults so nearly allied khổng lồ excellence, that we can scarce weed out the fault without eradicating the virtue" (Oliver Goldsmith). The term is related lớn but stronger than frailty, which implies the likelihood of yielding to lớn temptation: "Our frailties are invincible, our virtues barren" (Robert Louis Stevenson). Even weaker in imputing censure is foible, which refers to a minor defect that is easily overlooked và may even be endearing: "Science is his forte, & omniscience his foible" (Sydney Smith). Vice in this comparison refers to a moral flaw or in a weaker sense to lớn a defect of character: "Lord, Lord, how subject we old men are khổng lồ this vice of lying!" (Shakespeare). "Obstinacy, Sir, is certainly a great vice" (Edmund Burke). See also synonyms at blame, blemish.

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faultfault(n) responsibility, liability, burden, culpability, accountability error, mistake, blunder, slip-up (informal), omission, lapse, oversight, slip defect, flaw, imperfection, blemish, weaknessantonym: assetfault(v) criticize, blame, find fault with, question, censure, condemnantonym: praise

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