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In FIFA thiết bị di động 21, you can play multiplayer online against your friends, both for VSA (VS Attack) or H2H (Head lớn Head) matches. For those of you who have sầu lots of football fans friends và also playing FIFA thiết bị di động game, this is an interesting feature lớn play with.

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On the FIFA USER NAME box enter your friend’s IGN (in game name / username). Then, click Continue.


On the tìm kiếm results page, cliông chồng Add Friend on your friend’s IGN. If there are more than 1 user, then see their OVR, Level, Division or league to find the right one.

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You can also add friends from the các mục of Recommended Users based on similarities in their trương mục data, such as Level and OVR.

In addition, you can also skết thúc friend requests khổng lồ your opponents in the post-match summary screen after VS Attachồng or Head to lớn Head matches.

All friover requests are sent to the Inbox, where the requested users can accept or reject Frikết thúc Requests.

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You can add up to max 32 friends. After your friend requests are accepted, you can see the status of each frikết thúc in the Friends List whether they are Online (green), Offline (white), or In a Match (red).

To start the match against a friend, all you have sầu khổng lồ vì is cliông chồng the Match button. The match button is only active when a frikết thúc is online or in a match.


After that, choose whether you want to lớn play in VSA or H2H mode.


And finally, wait your friover to lớn accept the match invite.


Done. Have fun together with your friends!

is there a way where we can have a normal league season with my friends? with home page /away & 3 points per win?

I cannot find my frikết thúc though I have searched several times. My frikết thúc is in my league but I add friend

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