Is final fantasy ix worth playing on your phone?

Final Fantasy IX is the best push from the nostalgia machine so far, but there"s still plenty of room for improvement.

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Porting a game from the PSX era và making it look nice & run well on Android is a quality challenge. There are different kích cỡ screens. different aspect ratquả táo, và orders of magnitude more pixels than the original 480p game was designed for. In the past, Square Enix chose to put black bars on the left & right of the screen và fill that space with a virtual gamepad. They quickly figured out that delivering the same experience as the emulators they were trying lớn pull people away from wasn"t a winning solution, và Final Fantasy IX is a great example of this growth. The game has been well optimized for multiple screen sizes and aspect ratgame ios, making the game feel like it belongs on these screens. You"ll still get small bars on either side of a 16:9 screen, but the overall the experience is visually more appealing.

The incomplete visuals bởi occasionally serve as a reminder that this game was originally designed for something else.

A big part of bringing Final Fantasy IX to Android is updating the visuals to tư vấn these higher resolution screens. The original artwork for this game lends itself well khổng lồ an update like this, with the lower resolution "painted" environments và 3 chiều characters running from scene to lớn scene through the story. Each of the main characters, và a fair number of the side characters, have been updated to look sharper on Android & recreate the original experience found in the game. It works well, right until you find someone in the game who Square Enix deemed unworthy of a visual update. This isn"t a huge deal, especially with the HD videos in-between to distract you, but it does occasionally serve as a reminder that this game was originally designed for something else.

Visuals are a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá, but interacting with the game is by far the most important. While Final Fantasy IX will always be best played with a controller, the effort put forth in this release lớn make this game comfortable to play by tapping on glass can"t be ignored. The virtual gamepad isn"t gone entirely, especially when dealing with rapid-fire gameplay events, but this is fantastic progress.

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Square Enix adjusted the controls in three critical ways — a floating joystiông xã, a tap-friendly interface, và action buttons that only show up when needed. The floating joystiông chồng allows you to control you character by pressing anywhere on the screen and sliding your finger. The virtual joystick ring will appear & you"ll be able to lớn move wherever you want. If that"s not your thing, you can tap anywhere there is floor và your character will run to lớn that position. When you get to whatever you were trying lớn bởi vì, the exclamation point or question mark that appears above sầu your head will also appear on the bottom right corner of the screen so you don"t have sầu to lớn always reach over and tap your character to lớn vày things lượt thích open chests or start a card game.


Each of these things are important for comfortably using the screen as the primary interface in this game, but there"s plenty of hiccups in the execution. The painted backgrounds và the tap-able space don"t always line up, so you find yourself tapping lớn a treasure chest & then needing the virtual joystichồng to lớn nudge the character closer so the action button will appear.

There are also some interesting legacy control issues when navigating the battle commands or settings menus. The game was built around a user with a controller navigating to an option and then selecting that option, and in this port that process is still two steps. You tap on an option & it moves the cursor to lớn that option, requiring you tap again to select that option. It"s the kind of thing you won"t notice if you"re using a controller like the creators originally intended, but it"s also the kind of thing that reminds the user this updated interface isn"t yet a complete thought.

For the hardcore Final Fantasy tín đồ who needs some Freya/Vivi action in their lives right this second, most of this isn"t a problem. The game still plays well & is plenty easy khổng lồ enjoy. The people Square Enix are trying lớn sell khổng lồ right now are the people who balk at the $16 price tag and wonder what makes this game so special.

While the story is compelling and the characters are well-written, the touch interface has problems and Square Enix needs lớn address that in order to draw in new users. While the effort put into lớn Final Fantasy IX is much better than previous efforts, it"s easy khổng lồ see those new khổng lồ the game easily frustrated by this interface, especially without a controller handy.

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