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Beta sign ups have reopened for Terror of Hemasaurus, the fantastic new smash ‘em up that plays lượt thích Rampage on steroids.

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Previously featured on Alpha Beta game thủ last year, Terror of Hemasaurus is a carnage-filled love-letter to lớn the classic Rampage games, which sees giant Kaiju smashing up helpless cities. Playable with up khổng lồ four players, in the game you take control of a Kaiju … Read More

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Thymesia is a brutally tough soulsborne action RPG adventure where you travel through your memories in a disease-riddled dark fantasy world.

In Thymesia you take on the role of a skilled warrior called Corvus who may hold the key lớn driving back the disease, pestilence và monsters that are plaguing the land. The only problem is aht Corvus has lost his memory, so must now … Read More

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Great Houses of Calderia is a Crusader Kings-esque grand strategy game where you attempt to build up your family’s legacy in the Renaissance era inspired fantasy land of Calderia.

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In Great Houses of Calderia you’ll lead a family through multiple generations, with an aim of bringing them wealth, power and prosperity. You’ll need khổng lồ make important diplomatic decisions và decide where khổng lồ allocate your limited … Read More

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RASKOPNIK: The Trench Warrior is a bombastic old school grid-based first person dungeon crawler where you fight your way through the trenches to complete missions during World War II.

In RASKOPNIK: The Trench Warrior you take control of a hardened B.J. Blaszkowicz-esque Russian soldier who is sent out on missions to lớn help defeat the Nazis in WWII. The game plays lượt thích a traditional Eye of … Read More

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Shotgun Highway is a fun little high-score chasing shooter where you tốc độ along a vast looping highway và blast vehicles in your way.

Created for the Black and White Jam, Shotgun Highway is a simple, but fun little trò chơi where you speed along a highway shooting vehicles with your shotgun. You’ve been sent on a mission lớn infiltrate the “Highway Loop”. Everyone on it is … Read More

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