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Love sầu playing Tien Len! Finally, found players who can challenge me! Wow, so many games in one place, awesome! Love sầu the tư vấn team

Players: 4 - 12


Players take turns to play a thẻ, or a group of cards of the same rankPlayers must beat the previous card or group played. A single thẻ can be beaten by any number of higher rank cards. A group can only be beaten by a higher rank group of the same sizePlayers can pass if they have sầu no valid cards to lớn play, or if they choose to bởi soIf all other players pass on a card, whoever played it starts a new discard pileThe last player to lớn have cards in hand scores a penalty point


Classic - Twos are the highest value cardModern - Twos are low, equal rank is allowed & any larger group can be played

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The Deông xã and Dealing

Tien Len uses a standard deông chồng. All cards are dealternative text out equally ahy vọng the players.

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In Tien Len, based on the variation you are playing, suits may or may not matter.

One player begins by playing a thẻ or a group of cards. Other players must beat previous cards played, by playing a higher value card or thẻ group. Sets of cards can only be beaten by groups of the same size. For instance, a pair of Fours cannot be beaten by a single Five or three Sixes.

Players can also pass, either by choice or because they have no valid cards to play. If all players pass on a particular thẻ, the current play pile is discarded and whoever played the last card starts the new pile.

The goal is lớn get rid of all cards in hvà.


Players score penalty points depending on the order in which they got rid of all of their cards. The first player to lớn do so scores no penalty points, the last player scores 2 penalty points & all other players score 1 penalty point.

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The game ends when one player has accrued 4 penalty points - this can also be mix khổng lồ 5 or 6 points. The winner is whoever has the fewest points.

Tien Len can also be played for a set number of rounds, after which the game ends. The options are 3, 5 or 10 rounds.


Two High

Two can either be the highest or lowest value thẻ.

Equal Rank Allowed

Players can play cards matching the value of the previous cards.

Any Larger Set

Players can beat a mix with a larger mix of cards with any value.

Card Game Basics

A deông chồng of cards consists of 52 cards, with 4 distinctive subgroups. Each of these subgroups is recognised by a symbol & are referred khổng lồ as suits. They consist of Clubs, Spades, Hearts & Diamonds. Each suit contains 13 cards which, generally, are considered in this order, Ace (A), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jacks (J), Queen (Q) & King (K).


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