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GTA Vice City is one of the best games in the Grvà Theft Auto franchise that players worldwide are fond of. GTA Vice City revolves around gangsters & is filled with exciting missions.

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Sadly, players with low-kết thúc Android devices cannot tải về the Android version of GTA Vice City. However, they can kiểm tra the danh sách below for some similar offline games that will run smoothly on their devices.

Best offline replacements for GTA Vice City for low-end Android devices

These are five sầu of the best such games that players can try out:

#1 - Grand Gangstar Miangươi City Theft

Players will lượt thích this game, which portrays Miamày City and will remind them of GTA Vice City. This is because the Rockstar Games classic’s bản đồ is inspired by this đô thị.

Players will have lớn complete many missions & heists provided by Grand Gangstar Miamày. The game has a download kích thước of 77 MB only and has a rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store.

Download it from here

#2 - Miami Crime Vice Town

This title is a third-person shooter that offers the necessary weapons and explosives for players to defeat enemies. Miamày Crime Vice Town also gets appreciated for its graphics.

Like GTA Vice City, players can take out cool vehicles, like cars và bikes, for a spin. The game also offers various rewards khổng lồ players.

Download it from here

#3 - New Gangster Crime

This game also revolves around the life of & crimes committed by a gangster, lượt thích GTA Vice City. This title offers engaging & exciting missions to lớn its players.

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New Gangster Crime has a good collection of weapons & vehicles, which players can utilize as and when they require. This title is also appreciated for its dynamic gameplay.

Download it from here

#4 - Vice Gangster Town: Vegas Crime City

This is an open-world game that revolves around crime, like GTA Vice City. From stealing cars to shooting enemies, players will have sầu a fun time playing it.

Vice Gangster Town can run smoothly on low-kết thúc Android devices và takes up less storage space. It can be downloaded for không tính tiền and has an excellent rating of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store.

Download it from here

#5 - Los Angeles Crimes

This is an open-world, action-adventure game that can be played offline, lượt thích GTA Vice City. Players can switch between first-person and third-person views, as per their choice.

There are six maps and five game modes that they can enjoy. Los Angeles Crimes supports Bluetooth controllers & gets appreciated for its realistic character movements and animations.

Download it from here

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Disclaimer: This các mục reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many games available, it is an individual"s choice to play one or the other according khổng lồ his/her preference.

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