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Uber Cost in Vietnam

This is an estimated fare in Vietphái mạnh. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different oto companies in Vietphái nam, error in collecting prices và other human or software error.

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Uber Price Gia Lai

Use the calculator to lớn know the price of your transport in Gia LaiThis service is available for all Vietnam , for Gia Lai & all the cities near to Gia Lai.
How is the price of an Uber race calculated in Gia Lai ?The price of each Uber race is calculated from the following formula: basic price + time spent in vehicle + distance traveled. Rates vary depending on the thành phố in Gia Lai và the type of vehicle.This pricing is dynamic & the price of a race sometimes includes a multiplier. This dynamic pricing depends on local demvà in different areas of the đô thị in Gia Lai.It is constantly evolving. The amount of the multiplier is therefore based on the place of taking charge of the passenger of Gia Lai và the time of the order. Your Uber fare is calculated on 4 criteria in Gia Lai:- Base fare - Cost per minute - Cost per mile - Booking Fee (Formerly known as the ‘Safe Rides Fee’)

How much does a Uber oto Typically cost in Gia Lai ?

Region Service Initial Fare Fare per Mile Service Cost
Uber Gia Lai UberX 7500 VND7500 VND 7500 VND
Uber Gia Lai UberBLACK 5000 VND9597 VND 9597 VND
Uber Gia Lai UberSUV 5000 VND9597 VND 9597 VND
* - This is an estimated fare in Gia Lai . Please tương tác us at contact

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phitienkiem.com if any Taxi prices changed in Gia Lai so we can verify và modify it Important :Estimate the cost & time of an Uber ride in Gia Lai, Vietphái nam All Estimated Uber prices of Gia Lai, Vietphái nam does not constitute any price commitment on the part our website Taxi Allo .The final price is calculated by multiplying the original price by the multiplier.cảnh báo that the pricing displayed in the passenger application in Gia Lai may not match the pricing displayed in your passenger application. This difference is usually due khổng lồ service charges in Gia Lai that bởi not appear in the amount of races you make.Additional fees may apply khổng lồ the passenger in Gia Lai and will be added to the price of your Uber race if your itinerary includes tolls for example.

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