Fast & furious theory: gal gadot's gisele returns in f9

Fast và Furious Theory: Gal Gadot's Gisele Returns In F9 With Han making his return khổng lồ the Fast và Furious franchise with F9, could Gal Gadot"s Gisele vì the same? Here"s why we think it"s possible.

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There are compelling reasons to lớn believe that Gal Gadot"s character, Gisele Yashar, will make an appearance in Fast & Furious 9. Gadot made her debut in The Fast Saga in 2009 và has appeared in three installments khổng lồ date. Fast & Furious 9 is scheduled lớn be the second-to-last movie in the main Fast và Furious series, but there"s still interested in expanding the universe through spinoffs. Here"s our theory explaining why Gadot could soon be reuniting with her Fast family.

Gadot"s casting in 2009"s Fast và Furious served as her first acting gig in a feature film. Director Justin Lin was clearly impressed by the actress since she evolved into a key thành viên of Dominic"s crew in several films. Gadot"s experience serving in the Israel Defense Forces actually helped with her casting since she was knowledgeable when it came lớn weapons & hand-to-hvà combat. Following her time in The Fast Saga, the actress was cast as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before headlining a solo film.

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Despite the fact that the character was seemingly killed off, all hope is not lost for Gadot"s future in The Fast Saga. The Fast và Furious 9 trailers already revealed that justice for Han is finally coming và Gisele could be another big figure to make a comeback. Unfortunately, moviegoers will be forced khổng lồ wait a bit longer lớn uncover the rest of Fast and Furious 9"s mysteries since the film was pushed to lớn an April 2021 release date, which is a whole year later. The decision was made in response lớn the coronavirus pandemic và its current effects on the entertainment industry. For now, there"s more time khổng lồ speculate on what"s lớn come with The Fast Saga.

Vin Diesel Fast and Furious 9 cameo
While doing press for his lathử nghiệm action film, Bloodshot, Vin Diesel revealed that Fast and Furious 9 will feature a major cameo. Although he described the cameo as "awesome," the actor played coy on any other details. The question now is whether the secret cameo will be a returning star or a new actor joining The Fast Saga for Fast & Furious 9 và potentially the tenth & final installment in the franchise. If the movie does decide lớn bring baông xã a former character, there are several figures that could make their monumental return.

Eva Mendes" Monica Fuentes could be a fun candidate to lớn return in Fast and Furious 9. Her character was a U.S. customs agent who partnered with Brian O"Conner and Roman Pearce to take down a drug lord in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Her character was last seen in the Fast Five post-credits scene when she handed Luke Hobbs a file that revealed Letty Ortiz was still alive sầu. Since then, the actress has been absent from the franchise. The best returning character, however, would be Gisele.

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Gadot"s character is considered one of the primary figures in The Fast Saga for her presence in Fast & Furious, Fast Five, & Fast và Furious 6. Gisele was initially introduced as a liaison for Arturo Braga before getting caught up in the chaos brought on by the drug lord. She later aligned with Dom for the heist in Brazil và started a romance with Han before returning to lớn help in the fight against Owen Shaw. Unfortunately, Gisele"s time on the crew was cut short when she presumably met her death toward the over of Fast và Furious 6.

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In order for Gadot lớn be able to lớn return to The Fast Saga, her character would basically need khổng lồ come baông chồng to the dead. In an attempt to stop Owen Shaw"s crew from escaping in heavy transport aircraft, Dom"s crew used specially equipped vehicles to prsự kiện the plane from taking off. At one point, Gisele was hanging off the baông xã of a speeding Range Rover. Han was about khổng lồ help her but in an effort khổng lồ save his life from one of Shaw"s men, Gisele let go of his hvà so he could defend himself. It was then believed that Gisele fell khổng lồ her death on the runway. But crazier things have happened in the franchise so there"s always a chance that she"s still alive.

Thankfully, for Gisele fans, characters seemingly coming bachồng from the grave isn"t unheard in The Fast Saga. With a series known for parachuting cars, amnesia subplots, và a spinoff featuring a genetically engineered antagonist, anything is truly possible. Letty was thought khổng lồ be killed off in the fourth film before making her shocking return two installments later. Now with Han very much alive sầu và mix khổng lồ rejoin his old crew, who"s to say Gisele can"t vì chưng the same?

Though Gisele was shown falling from a oto from a high rate of tốc độ, her body was never recovered, at least on screen. Many viewers abide by a "no body toàn thân, no death" rule where nothing is confirmed unless otherwise directly revealed. Maybe Gisele was severely injured but not every thành viên of Shaw"s team was taken out. Someone on his side could have sầu taken Gisele to an unknown location where she has been recovering but also taken hostage. Now that the Shaw family isn"t a primary enemy of Dom và his crew, it"s possible she resurfaces.

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Why Bringing Gal Gadot Baông xã Makes Sense For F9

Han coming bachồng inkhổng lồ the fold will obviously be a major storyline throughout F9. His character was thought lớn be dead for years prior lớn the events of the upcoming film. Since Han and Gisele go hand-in-h& with their romantic past, it"s possible that he found her và the two have sầu been hiding out. Dom"s desperate need for help could be what brings them out of their secret retirement of sorts.

It also doesn"t hurt that Gadot is in high demvà so her involvement in the final two films would serve sầu as a big draw. Since portraying Gisele, Gadot"s star status & popularity have grown exponentially. Of course, that has a lot to vị with her portrayal as Wonder Woman in the DCEU. With Wonder Woman 1984 set to lớn release this summer, Gadot may have been able khổng lồ film a cameo for F9 with an agreement to star in the final film if her schedule allows. It"s also possible that she and Han will be the first of many returning characters.

As the penultimate installment within The Fast Saga, it"s not surprising that familiar faces are rejoining the team. Dom is not only facing Cipher again, but he"s also up against his younger brother, Jakob, who happens lớn be a deadly assassin with a vendetta. Dom might need every ally he can scrounge up, even former enemies, as the conflict builds in Fast và Furious 9 and the tenth film. Whatever may happen, it"s clear that there will be a memorable ending to this franchise that has spanned over two decades.

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