Hand of midas: how to make the most of it


Every meta sees an ebb and flow in what heroes and inventories are popular. The Aether Lens, which every tư vấn made every trò chơi when it was released, isn’t seen a lot nowadays. Similar is the case of the Hand of Midas. Since the release of Dota 2 7.00, its use had been increasing with every patch (owing to lớn the longer games, players wanted to be prepared for the late game) lớn the point where the vật phẩm got changed for the first time since patch 6.79c when its recipe cost was increased from 1400 khổng lồ 1550 gold. Since Hand of Midas is purchased mainly for getting quick levels, you can say it was a nerf in some way. But IceFrog found a way to lớn balance it out. Here’s what patch 7.05 brought with it:

Hand of Midas


XP bonus reduced from 2.5x to 1.75xGold bonus increased from 190 to 220


Most players probably think it still has Transmute, và still gives bonus XP. Make it & use it on the biggest creep; which would be the best way to lớn go about it before these changes were implemented. But now, it might be the best way lớn go about it when it comes to lớn Neutral Camps. Let’s take a look at the situation before & after 7.05 from the point of view of the Large Satyr Camp.

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Based on the experience & bounty, let’s see what we get after 10 uses of the Hand of Midas on each of these creeps, before và after 7.05. The consideration here is, when Midas is used on one creep, the other two are killed to lớn get their normal experience và gold. The values in the bracket indicate the difference in XP or gold when Midas in used on the medium or small creep instead of the large creep & is calculated for 10 uses (roughly 15 minutes).


In the earlier patches, using the Hand of Midas 10 times on the large creep would give you an XP advantage of 855 over using it on the medium creep, and 1170 over using it on the small creep. At the same time, using Midas on the medium creep would give you 540 extra gold while using it on the small creep would give you 680 extra gold (which has remained the same even now).

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Getting extra experience of 427.5 in 15 minutes doesn’t seem all that worth it considering that the XP offered by Golem và Thunderhide ancient camps is nearly the same (393). At the same time, an extra 540 gold could be the difference between having & not having buyback or could propel the user khổng lồ the next mid game invent. These stats are just for 10 uses và it intensifies every extra time Midas is used. Using Transmute on the small creep will địa chỉ cửa hàng another 140 gold khổng lồ the coffers, but it’s not value big enough to lớn make a substantial difference.

So if you ask me, the most value from a Midas can be extracted by using it on the medium creep of an NC camp. In lane, the best bet is khổng lồ use it on a range creep (90 XP) or siege creep (88 XP). If you’re facing mega creeps however, always use it on the siege creep as its XP does not reduce, unlike the melee & range creeps.

The numbers are right in front of you! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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