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As a psychologist & a mother, I highly recommend The HappyMe Journal. It is a nourishing resource based on research into the building blocks to wellbeing và expertly guide children through their emotions & the challenges that naturally arise in their day. While they help children develop the chip core skills of mindfulness, gratitude & growth mindset, they don’t feel lượt thích work – they feel light-hearted, visually appealing, engaging và genuinely joyful.

– Suzy Reading, Chartered Psychologist and Coach & mother of two

“The HappyMe Journal is an excellent tool!”

The HappyMe Journal is an excellent tool khổng lồ help introduce children khổng lồ these essential life skills.

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I strongly believe that, if we could support children in developing their emotional intelligence using tools lượt thích the HappyMe Journal, we would see a reversal in the trend of increasing hospital presentations và equip our children with essential skills for their future.

– Phil Parslow, Consultant Pediatrician, Dorset County Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust


“Such a positive impact on my 8 year old”

Every child should have this book. It has had such a positive impact on my 8 year old in just 5 days. Even her 15 year old brother has commented on the change! She is more determined, doesn’t cry when she fails and has looked for positives in everything. As a teacher for 10 years, I have seen so many children struggle with self belief and give up when faced with difficult problems. I taught Zippy Friends which helped with emotional health & P4C (Philosophy for Children) which also helped them look at things differently. I can honestly say, this lovely little book is brilliant.

– Sharon, Teacher

“An absolute MUST-HAVE for any child or teen”

The HappyMe Journal is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any child or teen. This journal is the perfect resource lớn help your child develop their emotional awareness and develop the tools & habits that will continue to support their mental và emotional wellbeing. Also perfect if your little one struggles to lớn talk about their feelings as the questions và prompts encourage children to giới thiệu their emotions in a safe way. I recommend this journal to lớn all of my clients (and they are just as helpful for us adults too!)

– Natalie Costa, award winning children’s coach, author of nguồn Thoughts

Our daily journals for children and young adults use scientifically proven methods to promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture curiosity. Beautifully illustrated & easy lớn use, with just a few minutes focus each day children benefit by being encouraged to express gratitude, reflect on their emotions và think about their actions.

The results are positive & plentiful: thousands of parents have told us about better sleep, reduced anxiety, improved connection và communication, increased kindness and more positive mindsets in their children.

Filled with simple research backed practices, the daily pages foster the habits that have been shown to lớn positively influence mood & mindset.

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“My kids have been instrumental in helping make the content just right and have been my inspiration all along. So, from my family khổng lồ yours, I hope our journal gives your children the foundations for a happy & balanced life”

Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the most well-established happiness practices và the easiest to do. Practicing gratitude is central khổng lồ the journal và encourages children lớn reflect on three positives a day. Research has shown that practicing gratitude in this way increases a sense of happiness as well as a range of physical, psychological và social benefits.

Many schools are now introducing the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ as a way to support a positive learning attitude. Pupils with a growth mindset display greater self-esteem and increased resilience. Our daily checklists & positive quotes remind children about the importance of not giving up when faced with challenges.

Much research is currently being done into the wide ranging và profound emotional and physical benefits of kindness. In particular, studies with children show that behavior leading to the enhanced welfare of others (kindness!) promotes increased physical và mental wellbeing. Our daily pages encourage kindness in a number of simple ways khổng lồ reinforce this positive behavior.

Mindfulness has been linked through numerous studies khổng lồ psychological và physical wellbeing. The simple act of journaling is in itself an act of mindfulness and our daily pages further prompt children khổng lồ try a range of mindful activities. Mindfulness positively affects our brains, making the areas dealing with empathy, memory & emotional regular more interconnected. The result is less stress, better sleep and more attentive behavior.

Children and teens (and their parents!) can be very distracted by social media, gaming & digital devices which can contribute khổng lồ anxiety & other mental health issues. HappySelf encourages a mindful use of technology as well as screen-free family time.

Cultivating self-awareness và allowing children lớn show a true range of emotions is a proven route to lớn happiness. Our ‘emoji of the day’ encourages children to lớn reflect on their emotions on a daily basis.

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