How to enable or disable hibernate option in windows 7

If you don’t use the Hibernate option in Windows 7, you can save sầu some disk space by disabling it. Here we will look at a few different ways lớn manage hibernate options in Windows 7.

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Note: Hibernate mode is not an option on systems with 4GB of RAM or more.

Enable or Disable Hibernate Through Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt might be the easiest way to lớn enable or disable Hibernation. Cliông chồng on Start và type CMD into the search box & it will be listed under programs. Right-cliông xã on the ibé and select Run as administrator.


The Commvà Prompt opens and you will use the following khổng lồ enable Hibernation.

powercfg /hibernate on


Type in the following to disable hibernation.

powercfg /hibernate off


Manage Hibernation Through Control Panel

Clichồng on Start và open Control Panel then cliông chồng on Power Options.



On the left side cliông chồng on Change when the computer sleeps.

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Now cliông xã on Change advanced power settings.


In the Advanced Power nguồn Options window exp& the Sleep tree then expvà Hibernate after và change the minutes khổng lồ zero lớn turn it off. Or you can specify the amount of minutes you want to pass before it goes into lớn hibernation. After you’ve made your selection cliông xã Apply and Ok then cthất bại out of the remaining screens.


Where is Hibernate?

What if you try the command line option khổng lồ turn it on and Hibernate mode still isn’t available? Then what you’ll want lớn vày is disable Hybrid Sleep by expanding Allow hybrid sleep và turning it Off.

Now you should have sầu Hibernate & Sleep as part of the power options in the start menu and will also be an option when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Disable Hibernate Through Regedit

Note: Changing registry values can cause your computer khổng lồ become unstable or stop functioning & is only recommended for experienced users.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way…you might want lớn completely disable Hibernate mode through a registry edit. Open the Registry & browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Power and change both HiberFileSizePercent & HibernateEnabled value data lớn zero. After you’ve sầu made the changes cthua out of the Registry Editor và restart the machine.


If you always turn off your computer or never bởi vì, you can disable the Hibernate mode khổng lồ gain a bit of extra hard disk space. On our Windows 7 (32-bit) machine with a 300GB hard drive, disabling Hibernation gained us just over 3GB of more disk space. That may not seem like much especially with today’s high capathành phố drives, but if you don’t need Hibernation, why not reclayên that space?

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