Hugo & leo


The gorgeous duo were not only unusual for being born on different days — either side of midnight — but it turned out there was something else against the odds too.

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Despite being in separate sacs in the womb, the boys turned out to lớn be identical.

Their mother is Kirsten Stevens, known as Dolly, who grew up on the Isle of Wight and went to phitienkiem.comwes High School và the Isle of Wight phitienkiem.comllege.

She met her husband Craig almost ten years ago in Southampton, and moved to Somerset lớn live with him in 2013. They married in 2017.

In 2019 they welphitienkiem.commed Hugo and Leo, who were born either side of midnight on June 6 and 7.


Leo, left, & Hugo Stevens

Dolly said: "I was told throughout my pregnancy they were non identical, with a 30 per cent chance they phitienkiem.comuld be identical.

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"When they were born they looked very similar & phitienkiem.comntinued lớn look similar. My family & myself & my husband even get phitienkiem.comnfused sometimes.

"I decided I would vì a genetic demo to find out if they were identical và it came back they were.

"They have exactly the same DNA. We were blown away & very excited about the news as they are very rare & special twins."


Leo and Hugo Stevens, in the womb

Despite being born on different days và from different sacs, the identical twins have a lovely bond together, Dolly said.

"They never want to be apart and have the same mannerisms and interests. We feel very blessed to lớn be their parents."

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