League of stickman:the legends 9+

On this các mục I will show you the strongest characters on League of Stickman game such as BM, Samurai, Ninja, etc.

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1 BM

Super powerful,only costs 800 gems,hits really hard and can heal if things go south. Only downside is that his skills take long lớn recharge.

Bm is my favorite and also my best character he is a living legkết thúc & he has two cool skin. I thing bm is the strongest character because his skill is good & has a high damage.và also bm is the main character on league of stickman

BM has been my favorite hero since I first played LoS. When I use hyên, he could beat the 5 Star Elite monster where Samurai was long gone.

He heals he kills he Op

2 Samurai

The most OPhường Character here. I focus main on his attachồng power & use it so hard that it"s hard lớn touch hyên & he hits like a million trucks. Plus his skills have a low CD

The normal samurai is ok. The STK samurai skin is what you really need if you want a nhân vật that can dash & hit without getting himself hit

Samurai is also my favorite character his fast và deadly moves is making him put in the number two. I lượt thích bm because his cool skin & his long sword and his skill is also pretty cool to.

He is the best! His attacks are powerful he is very fast & a VERY difficult opponent khổng lồ beat

3 Ninja

In my opinion,ninja is the strongest character, so deadly, so fast & svào, chars like these are the best...I killed abyss boss quickly with himHe"s the best.

Nin-Ja is the newest character in the league of stickman. His appearance is similiar to the ninja in the mid japanese century. His skin and his skill is so awesome. Nin-Ja is a great character.

Is because she is fast

4 Kalpa

This character is honestly the best character that is quite underrated even from the developers as he got 3 stars,even then he is deadly,cheap and probably the best character khổng lồ get for 500 gems or less.

Kalpa is a cool and also awesome and svào character in the league of stickman. His cool skin & a blade that tach lớn his h& is a awesome. His skill is also very deadly.

These guys are epic

5 Raven

Raven is the strongest female character in the league of stickman. Her beautiful pink skin and her big sword and stronh skill, she is the best female character in league of stickman.

Amazing, she literally costs 800 gems and is a very powerful 5 star.

She is a legend

7 Feist

Feist is a yellow character that doesn"t have a weapon his weapon is only his fist. But he is a cool tough and awesome character,I thing he is one of the strongest character in league of stickman.

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Awesome character khổng lồ pichồng up for early game,I would recommover getting hyên ổn first then getting sven.

8 Monkey

The sun go kong like character on league of stickman while monkey is lachồng of strength and skill but his agile và deadly move is the primary weapon. Talking about weapon monkey"s weapon is a staff like the sun go kong has.

9 Monk

Monk is a green character that has a chất lượng weapon. But he is one of the strongest and awesome character in league of stickman. He maybe laông chồng of skill but I thing he a strong character.

Honestly, a great character. Beats a lot of my higher cấp độ characters. Amazing character. Very solid, large damage area.

His attacks cover a very large area.

10 Taoist

Awesome char because he"s just so very powerful. He can summon minions which vị a ton of damage và just a great char overall.

Taoist is the best hero

Have sầu four sword

11 Fox

FOX one of my favorite hero next to lớn SAMURAI, Her skills deals a lot of damage,Her skills hits multiple enemies at the same time,CD (CoolDown) is fast, And she"s such a beautiful character.

FOX is one of my favorite nhân vật next lớn SAMURAI because her skill đơn hàng a lot damage, skill hits multiple enemies at the same time, CD(CoolDown) is fast.So I think FOX is a Great Hero & deserves to lớn be in the top Hero menu.

12 Zilong

Zilong I don"t know what the meaning of that name.but he is a svào cool và also awesome character his weapon is a long spear, zilong is a one of the strongest character.

Very good character,high damage & just a good character overall. Also his name means purple dragon.

13 Reaper

Looks cool,sounds cool. Like seriously a reaper in a stickman game?! These devs are the best!

14 Zero

His skill CD is very low. He is strong character with high damage. His style is also very cool. He is copy of iori yagami

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