How to update lg g3 on android 6


LG has recently rolled out Android 6.0 update officially globally & just in case if you still haven’t got the official update then we will guide you so that you can manually apply this update. While LG has recently already updated its current flagship G4, in coming days khổng lồ come we will see this update rolling out khổng lồ other LG devices as well. So let’s check out in detail on how you can manually apply this update post quick pre requisites.

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Pre Requisites:

This update is only applicable for LG G3 (D855) variant and not lớn other LG G3 variants.Battery left in your LG G3 should be more than 60%.Make sure that your device is currently on the lademo version of Lollipop OS.Create a backup of all the data in your G3 (including SMS, gọi Log, Images, Audio and Video files).

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Once you are through with above sầu mentioned steps, lets proceed khổng lồ the next step where we detailed out instructions for updating your LG G3.

Procedure to lớn Manually Update LG G3 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update:

Once downloaded, unzip the flash tool to lớn a folder và then open “LGFlashToolnăm trước.exe” installer file to lớn install the same.Now, turn off your device so that it can be entered in the Download Mode. Press Volume Up & while pressing this, connect your device lớn the computer with USB cable. Now, in your desktop you will see the “Firmware Update” dialog on the screen.Select the .kdz tệp tin in the LG Flashtool. Cliông chồng on “Normal Flash” if you are on default/ stoông xã firmware or else clichồng on “CSE Flash” if your device is on custom ROM.Post this, you will be shown with “read phone information” & then just cliông chồng on “Start” to lớn proceed. If at all if you are asked with the admin permissions, just accept the same.Up next, you will see the “Select Country & Language” window from which you need khổng lồ select “Different” và then select “English”. Make sure that you DO NOT click on the smartphone upgrade check box và then cliông chồng on “OK” to lớn start the update process.Once the process of firmware update reaches 100% mark, you will get “Connection khổng lồ VPS failed”. This is normal and is expected & make sure that you vày not disconnect the device & wait until you see COM writer in green on your phone.Once the device is updated with the Android 6.0 update, device will be rebooted automatically. Whole process of firmware update might take around 5 -10 minutes and make sure that all on screen instructions are followed accordingly.

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