Luffy Vs Kaido Fanart On Behance In 2021

One Piece: Kaivị CRUSHES , Landing a Hollow Victory One Piece Chapter #1013 leaves a major hero on death"s door after a final clash with Kaivì chưng.

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Kaibởi from One Piece menacing
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1013 by Eiichiro Odomain authority, Stephen Paul và Vanessa Satone, available in English now from Viz Media.

The rooftop battle against Kaibởi in One Piece"s Wano arc has had some surprising twists and turns. The five sầu supernovas have gotten a fair amounts of hits in, and Zoro even managed lớn scar the Yonko in between beatings. Luffy evolved his haki once more, too, using it to lớn damage Kaibởi vì without actually touching hlặng, lượt thích Hyogoro. It seemed like the Straw Hat was finally on par with Kaivị. Sadly, Chapter #1013 completely derails that idea.

In Chapter #1011, Luffy & Kaivị appeared to lớn be on equal footing, despite Luffy now facing hyên alone. Kaivì even noted that Luffy seemed excited by the impossible odds against him. Hopeless situations never made Luffy baông xã down before, but this fight with Kaivì chưng has tested him like no other.

However, a lot has happened since then. In Chapter #1013, there"s a dramatic shift in the atmosphere. Kaibởi laments allowing the fight to lớn last this long, saying that Luffy"s upgrade is what led khổng lồ his downfall.

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The way Kaivì speaks is lượt thích a god looking down on humanity. Luffy gives people hope và he realizes that khổng lồ properly squash the hope of those trying to lớn take hyên ổn down, he should have properly stomped Luffy và presented his head to the alliance. He says all of this after having thrown Luffy from the peak of the flying Onigashima Isl&.

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Kaivị is undoubtedly someone who knows what it means to lớn take a life. You don"t get lớn be a Yonko by holding back when it"s time for a fight. When Orochi double-crossed Oden and decided to lớn have hyên ổn killed by firing squad, Kaido stepped up, deciding he would be one khổng lồ end Oden"s life instead. At the start of Onigashima, he was fully prepared to lớn kill Momonosoke as well, should he not give Wano lớn the Beast Pirates. He sees that. if he had used Luffy as a martyr, he could"ve ended the raid -- but it"s implied that the fight was too exciting for hyên khổng lồ stop when he should"ve.

This is also a turning point for the Wano arc, but this likely won"t be the end of Luffy. He"s been on the brink of death in plenty of fights before this one -- he only barely came out on top in his fight with Katakuri. Still, what happens khổng lồ Luffy next is likely out of his control for the moment.

Currently, there are two possible ways Luffy could be saved. Yamakhổng lồ is actually en route lớn the rooftop, so if he doesn"t get khổng lồ Luffy in time, he"ll be the one khổng lồ keep his father, Kaivì chưng, occupied. There"s also the Heart Pirates, who have been underwater in the Polar Tang submarine since the Raid began. They were left behind when the Kaivày lifted the isl& inlớn the sky, but their misfortune may be what saves Luffy from drowning.

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