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MAX VOLUMEBorn in Berlin on the road with Spiral Tribe, Max Volume attended his first rave at 2 weeks old. Immersed within sound system culture from his first breath, he rapidly honed his musical instincts as a teenager & developed a natural flair for performance and production alike.As his musical identity began lớn flourish, Max spent 2 years working at Noise Control Audio where he gained an in-depth knowledge of how sound systems work và the physics of sound – concepts which he wove deep inkhổng lồ his music.Playing across Europe at the biggest venues và events (such as Glastonbury Festival (England), Fusion Festival (Germany), Bergain (Berlin), Concrete (Paris) to name a few, he swiftly made a name for himself with his energy, technical skill, showmanship và infectious groove, and with a trail of packed dancefloors in his wake, he began lớn play regularly at SP23 events.He divides his time equally between playing khổng lồ packed houses across the continent and submerging himself in his studio working on his forthcoming releases._______________________________MAX VOLUMEEnfant de Spiral Tribe né à Berlin, Max Volume a participé à sa première rave alors qu’il était âgé de seulement deux semaines. Plongé dans la culture techno depuis sa venue au monde c’est tout naturellement qu’il a forgé son identité musicale et développé ses aptitudes pour la production et la performance.Encore tout jeune, il travaille durant deux ans pour Noise Control Audio ce qui lui permet de comprendre les propriétés physiques du son et le fonctionnement d’un sound system.

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Il décide alors de faire sa vie de la musique.Traversant le continent européen avec l’équipe d’Audiotrix, il commence à jouer régulièrement dans les fêtes SP23 où son énergie, sa technique et son groove contaminent les dancefloors ; sur scène son talent devient évident.Il partage désormais son temps entre la scène et le studio où il prépare ses productions futures.

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