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If you have rooted your điện thoại to enhance its performance & customize. But don’t know where to lớn start from, Xposed is the answer. Xposed allows you khổng lồ make system cấp độ changes without having khổng lồ mess with codes & custom roms.Xposed uses modules, small applications that plug directly into the apk operating system và give you unprecedented control over the look and feel of your phone. Therefore, any changes made can be removed easily by simply disabling the best Xposed modules and rebooting.

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Xposed Framework is available for all 4.1+ devices. However, not all of the existing modules work on the latest version of Android. If you are on game android Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow or Lollipop; you can refer How khổng lồ Install Xposed guide. We will look at trăng tròn best Xposed modules of 2022 which packs tons of options. But prior khổng lồ that why not have a look on what is xposed Framework & how khổng lồ install it in your smartphone.

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1Top 25 Best Xposed Modules
1.11. Gravity Box
1.22. Amplify Battery Extender
1.33. BootManager
1.44. Greenify
1.55. Xstana
1.66. XPrivacy
1.77. YouTube AdAway
1.88. WhatsApp Extensions
1.99. Snapprefs
1.1010. YouTube Background Playback
1.1111. Crappalinks
1.1212. Never Sleep
1.1313. WANAM Kit
1.1414. Screen Filter
1.1515. Coolify Flat
1.1616. Awesome Pop-up Video
1.1717. SwipeBack
1.1818. XBLAST
1.1919. Physical Button Music Control
1.2020. XUIMOD
1.2121. Flat Style Colored Bars
1.2222. Bright Lockscreen
1.2323. Wi-fi PWD
1.2424. Xposed Torch: Physical Button
1.2525. ứng dụng Settings
2What’s your favourite?

Top 25 Best Xposed Modules

We have compiled this các mục of top 25 Xposed modules for app android (Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow và Lollipop). All the modules listed here are equally important irrespective of the order in which they are arranged and serve specific task once they are plugged into the apk device.

1. Gravity Box

WhatsApp Extensions

Almost every điện thoại cảm ứng user uses WhatsApp as their primary messaging app because of its huge user base và simplicity. But at times we want to lớn ignore people or just want lớn pretend unavailable. All this features were once offered by the legendary WhatsApp+ ứng dụng which was later banned by Facebook. WhatsApp Extensions is an Xposed module which adds additional features to standard WhatsApp application likeHide last seen, Hide read receipts, Hide delivery reports,Lock facility to lớn individual chats,Zoom profile photo,Per contact custom wallpaper,Option khổng lồ directly hotline overphone, Lockfacility to lớn individual chats, Reminder – Reminds you lớn reply khổng lồ a contact, Highlight Chats & lot more.

The best part is, you don’t need to tìm kiếm for updates every time after every WhatsApp update. Even if WhatsApp gets updated, the features still remain in the app. Cool, isn’t it?

WhatsApp Extensions Module: Download

9. Snapprefs

If you’re a Snapchat addict và have recently installed Xposed on your device, Snapprefs is a must have module.Snapprefs is a project which offers enhanced features for Snapchat through the Xposed framework. Some of the features are:

Snapprefs Xposed Module: Download

10. YouTube Background Playback

You can play YouTube videos in the background on your game android phone và use the world’s most popular clip App as a non-stop audio streaming music app. While this feature can also be used without rooting your apk device or installing Xposed by installing YMusic.

YouTube Background Playback: Download

11. Crappalinks

Thismoduleremoves the crappy liên kết redirection/masking/tracking from variousapps. You might have sometimes experienced this annoying situation in your unrooted phone where a youtube link is opened in the phone’s browser instead of the Youtube app. Such situations can be fixed by using Crappa Links. The Advantage of this module is that it doesn’t take much configurations.Also, if URL shortening is enabled, themodulewill also try lớn resolve shortened URLs before opening them.

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Crappalinks Module: Download

12. Never Sleep

In an unrooted phone the screen lock time is adjusted for the entire device. This module enables an user to lớn adjust the screen lock time on app-by-app basis. This module at times becomes useful while using a reading app. Though this module is relatively simple, yet users need to lớn be little bit careful while using the module.

Never Sleep Xposed: Download

13. WANAM Kit

This is another module that lets you khổng lồ customize the stock settings. It has lots of features that allows you to customize specially the interface of the phone và enjoy the best UI that normally is not available in the unrooted phone.

Wanam Kit is pretty much like Gravity box as it allows you khổng lồ change battery indicators, disable device wakeups while connecting the charging cable & more. If Gravity Box doesn’t suit your device, you can try Wanam Kit.

Wanam Kit Xposed Module: Download

14. Screen Filter

If you frequently use your phone in the dark then this module may be of great help. This module allows you to adjust the screen’s luminosity which thereby reduces the pressure in your sensitive eyes. This module is especially helpful for people who lượt thích to read ebooks or watch movies on their phone.

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