Motorola moto g plus (4th generation) 4g lte with 64gb

5G might be a long way from being widely accessible in the UK, & elsewhere, but there are plenty of 5G handsets available for early adopters và those interested in future-proofing. If you fall into either of these categories, you won" find anything more affordable than the £299.99 (inc. VAT) xe máy G 5G Plus. It also has a huge 5,000mAh battery & a large 6.7-inch screen. So, is Motorola" first 5G handset the 5G phone for the masses?

In the US, the xe máy G 5G Plus is sold as the Motorola One 5G; it costs$445 at AT&T (Verizon pricing TBA).

Motorola has an extensive portfolio of phones right now, & differentiating new models isn" always easy. But there" no problem with the moto G 5G Plus, which has three standout features: a large battery giving very long life, a large screen giving lots of viewing area, và 5G tư vấn giving, for those who have coverage, access to the fastest mobile data speeds around.

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The 6.7-inch xe máy G 5G Plus runs on Qualcomm" 765 5G chipset with 4GB of RAM và 64GB of internal storage (£299.99) or 6GB & 128GB (£349.99). It has dual front cameras (16MP wide, 8MP ultra-wide) & four at the back (48MP wide, 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, 2MP depth sensing).

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You" going lớn need big hands and big pockets to carry this phone around as it" something of a beast, measuring 74mm wide by 168mm deep by 9mm thick.

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The provided bumper makes it even larger, và adds a little khổng lồ the 207g weight. But there are trade-offs -- notably, a large screen & room inside the chassis for a big battery.

Battery life is a constant bugbear for phone users, but the 5,000mAh battery in the xe máy G 5G Plus performed very well. It managed an impressive 18 hours and 49 minutes under the PC Mark for apk Work 2.0 battery test, which is not far off Motorola" " full days without plugging in" claim. The only handset we" seen get near that recently was the realme x3 SuperZoom, with 17 hours 36 minutes from a 4,200mAh battery; Motorola" moto G8 also performed well, getting 16 hours 40 minutes from a 4,000mAh battery.

When I asked the handset to lớn stream YouTube video clip continuously at full screen for three hours, it did so sacrificing just 14% of a full charge. Every day that I used the phone for general duties I was left with at least 25% in the tank. TurboCharge fast charging means you can give it a boost during the day easily enough, if required.

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