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Make your phone cooler and faster with Nox Cleaner – An application that cleans electronic junk cools boosts the phone faster, manages & secures apps and files best-rated images in the world. If your partner’s phone is old, often has lag phenomenon, little không lấy phí memory, often gets hot when used for a long time, especially during gameplay, then this is the application for you. With over 50 million trusted customers, it is confident to be the best application for you.



In using the phone, accessing applications, or downloading new applications, there will be a large number of other electronic devices on your device. They cause the memory to fill up quickly but also slow down the computer. Nox Cleaner has the task of finding & removing these junk files for you, helping to không lấy phí up memory, make your phone lighter, & limit the use of lag.


The application is integrated with modern anti-virus software. The device accessing & websites or downloading applications causes an accompanying amount of viruses lớn the computer. If not handled in time, they will attack và steal your data. Although it is không tính phí software, the anti-virus feature of the application is not inferior to lớn any paid type.



Detect and disable apps that heat the phone when it’s not needed. Applications that consume excessive battery resources or run in the background when not in use will cause the phone to lớn operate at more capacity than it should, overheating the device and rapidly reducing battery life.

Nox Cleaner will optimize the phone’s performance, concentrating phone resources for running applications. This will save you significant battery life and increase battery life. If you play games, game play will also be smoother, thanks khổng lồ these features.


Nowadays, to lớn increase performance, many of your applications will send more frequent notifications or advertisements. They are sometimes helpful and annoying, especially when you need khổng lồ concentrate when watching movies or playing games. They also make the phone memory fuller faster, even bringing viruses to your computer.

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Nox Cleaner integrates modern software, helps to kiểm tra and remove ads & notifications that you vị not want lớn see. At the same time, it will also analyze và group notifications together, helping you find or clean them more quickly & optimally. This also makes your device softer & smoother.



Information security is a sensitive issue in the use of thiết bị di động devices by many customers. Many users have been hacked of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, cheated with a large amount of money, or exposed khổng lồ much crucial personal information. Nox Cleaner integrates a lock function for each application, including downloaded or mặc định applications of the device, with various forms such as Passwords, drawings, fingerprints,… This helps customers feel much more secure during their use.


Analyzing và remembering the process of accessing and using the device’s applications is what the ứng dụng must do. It will kiểm tra the resources & capacity of the application, remember which applications are rarely accessed, organize them, & mention lớn the user when it is necessary to lớn delete applications to không tính tiền up the phone memory.

In addition, with today’s phone devices, taking pictures is an essential thing. This will save many duplicate photos or error images; the device memory will be full when they are overloaded. With the number of thousands of plates, filtering out và deleting them is really time-consuming. With this, it’s just one click away, và the application will help you find, analyze and provide options for you to delete duplicate or error photos more than 90% efficiently.

Nox Cleaner is currently still the number one choice with its superior features. Although it manages a lot of your applications, you can be assured of the security of this application, which is what makes tens of millions of customers trust. Currently, to make the customer’s use process more accessible, the publisher has improved the tiện ích shortcut. The image management function has also been fixed on the duplicate image recognition function. Choose this app to make your phone safer & smoother today.

You are now ready to download Nox Cleaner for free. Here are some notes:

Please read our gian lận Info và installation instructions carefully for the game và app khổng lồ work properlyDownloading via 3rd tiệc ngọt software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.

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