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This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

Original story (from Oct 17) follows:

After an excruciating day of waiting, spoilers of One Piece chapter 959 finally appear. No initial translations are leaked yet, but the raw scans from the manga hints the current condition of the Straw hats & their allies.

The title for this chapter is “Samurai”. The cover shows Bege and Chiffon in Dressrosa. A twitter post unveils raw scans with the Straw hats in samurai armors, an inconsolable Kinetháng, and a silhouette of a samurai with two swords on his waist.


Straw Hats’ Surprise Attack?

The image with the Straw hats in samurai armors infers their safety and their battle readiness. It is difficult khổng lồ conclude for now whether they are in Onigashima, the Flower Capital or somewhere else.


One thing’s for sure, the Straw hats và most probably including the 4,000 men are safe. There is no appearance from Law as of the moment, but we can still hope for it as more spoilers come to lớn light.

Their safety suggests that they tricked Orobỏ ra inlớn believing that they are dead. This would give sầu them an advantage for the upcoming war.

More Details on the Straw hats

On Reddit, a post shares more details about the Straw hats. It turns out Inurashi gave sầu the Straw hats their samurai armors. After a meeting with everyone, Usopp asked that the Sunny be taken lớn the port. Robin got an intel that the weather in Onigashima is winter.

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Nami, Carrot & the samurai discuss what the date would be during full moon. Carrot and the other Minks may be planning to lớn enter sulong mode when the situation calls for it.

Momo và the others are still clueless of what happened

The second image exhibits a similar scene with Momo’s các buổi party from the previous chapter. It seems lượt thích no one has shown up to give them good news so far. Or maybe in the first image the Straw hats revealed themselves to Momo & the others and that’s when they will be consoled.


A Mysterious Samurai

An earlier thread on twitter raised questions as lớn who the samurai in silhouette is? It certainly looks like Oden. The shape of Oden’s head accessory matches that of the mysterious samurai in the image. The image also has two katanas on his waist that looks similar to lớn Enma and Ame no Habakiri.

A Reddit post suggests that it was a flashbachồng of Oden. It makes sense, since Zoro already has the Enma & the Ame no Habakiri is in Tengu’s possession. We should expect updates & clarification on details about these spoilers và future spoilers.

Update 1 (Oct 18)

More spoilers on chapter 959 are out now và so is more information lượt thích Kinetháng & companions continue to lớn attaông chồng Onigashima. Head here for complete coverage.

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