Shouu ootengu and ubume souls : onmyoji, onmyoji arena (oa)


Immaculate WingPassive effect: Permanently increases Ootengu’s Ability Power by 12.

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Passive sầu trigger: If Ootengớ ngẩn receives no damage from shikigangươi for 24 seconds, he will gain the Immaculate Wing shield, which provides a one-time blochồng against ability damage from enemy shikigamày. Ootengu’s Movement Speed is increased by 20% for 2 seconds when the blochồng comes into effect.

2nd AbilityDescription

Ootengớ ngẩn casts Gale Force Wind at the designated target, dealing 60 (+40% Ability Power) magic damage và a 0.5-second Knockup to the target & nearby enemies.


Ootedở người casts a 3-second Blade Storm in the designated area. Blade Storm giao dịch 90 (+35% Ability Power) magic damage khổng lồ enemies once every 0.5 seconds & at the same time slows them by 20%.

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The Blade Storm expands over the duration of the effect và gradually moves in the direction it was cast in.

Shikigangươi Ability & Strategy Recommendations

Ootedại should focus on leveling up his Feather Shot (2nd Ability) first. Then, Gale Force Wind (3rd Ability) second.

When possible, try to lớn fight after Ooteđần độn has activated Gale Force Wind’s (3rd Ability) shield. Use abilities continuously khổng lồ trigger Tengây ngô Path’s (Passive) damage & inflict Slow khổng lồ wear down your opponents. Cast control effects on your opponent lớn make it difficult for them khổng lồ leave sầu the range of your Blade Storm’s (Ultimate) so you can giảm giá khuyến mãi heavy damage to them.

Shikigami Spell Recommendations

Ootedở người should use Flash và Heal as his spells during battle.

Shikigami Okamày (Item) Recommendations

Ootengu’s Okamày (Items) can be built through:

Harass: Mandala Sutra – Demonic Boots – Ravening Zither – Tale of Izumo – Eight Trigrams – Summer AshesBurst: Mandala Sutra – Boots of Purity – Ravening Zither – Izanami’s Scepter – Tale of Izumo – Eight TrigramsSurvivability, Harass: Shichimen Tennyo – Boots of Purity – Ravening Zither – Ama-no-Ohabari – Night Parasol – Eight TrigramsSource: Omnyoji Website

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