Fac00009w0, orient bambino review: worth all the hype


If you spkết thúc enough time around entry màn chơi mechanical timepieces, chances are that you are familiar with the Orient Bambino. Prior to this nhận xét, I was vaguely aware of the watch. They show up on my Instagram feed & frequently make Top “X” lists in their price range.

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There isn’t much middle ground on the Orient Bambino – people either love sầu it or they hate it. I was very eager to lớn see for myself what side of that love/hate fence I would land on after spending time with one. So for this watch Reviews I spent time with the Bambino V3 with the blue dial (FAC0000DD0).

The Case

The case is 40.5mm, but it wears a bit smaller. Smooth bezels can often play visual tricks on the eye. The shape và amount of convex curvature on a smooth stainless steel bezel determines how light & objects reflect off its surface. In the case of the Orient Bambino, the bezel is tight lớn the crystal and leaves just enough space to differentiate it from the actual case. It’s done quite well.


Lug to lớn lug the watch is 44.3milimet keeping the overall form size tighter than the spec would indicate. This is a great example of not judging a wearing experience by case diameter alone. I can’t bức xúc this enough. Ditch your preconceived notions and get all the specs before making a decision. The three key dimensions are equally important: case diameter, case height, and lug to lug width. Once you understvà the relationships amuốn these three specs, you can make a better decision on a watch you want khổng lồ purchase online (before you’re able khổng lồ physically handle it).

The Orient Bambino got the case shape right. Specs aside, I asked friends and coworkers to try one. Every one of them thought that the watch was sized right & was very comfortable. I agree. Designing a watch case that feels great on a wide variety of wrist shapes và sizes is not easy.

Part of the triông xã is the short lugs with a gentle slope. The angle of the lugs is flat enough to lớn suit larger wrists yet curved enough lớn hug smaller wrists as well.

The case is 12mm high. Like the width, it doesn’t wear as high as the spec indicates. The domed mineral crystal really pops from a 45° angle. You won’t have sầu any problem sleeving the Orient Bambino under a shirt & jacket cuff. The crystal was so reflective sầu that it made it difficult to lớn get proper photographs for the nhận xét.

The crown could be a little larger. It’s only 5.3mm. The small form size made it difficult khổng lồ manipulate.


The Orient Bambino V3 Dial

One of the strengths of the Orient Bambino is the variety of dial colors available. You’d be hard pressed not khổng lồ find a color that you like. The version that I had has a xanh face. The blue is deep. It was lượt thích looking down inlớn a pristine lake. This was the highlight of the Bambino for me & exceeded my expectations.

Orient missed with the rest of the dial though. The issues all stem from the same overall problem: It’s difficult lớn read. The dial, glass, hands, and markers are all so reflective that it makes the time difficult to lớn read in most conditions. It would be interesting to see if this problem occurs with different color dials. It’s a real bummer given that the main purpose of a watch is lớn tell time.

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The hands are also not the optimal length lớn work with the slope of the dome. Part of the charm with domed crystals is the distortion of the hands at an angle (don’t get a Speedmaster người going about this point). There is no lume on the hands. The hands are also flat and polished, making them easy to lớn thảm bại in the dial. The hour markers have the same issue; they just blkết thúc into lớn the background.

The date window is just ok. There is nothing significant about it. Color matching the date wheel to the dial would look spectacular but will never happen. With mechanical watches in this price point, it’s all about economies of scale with components to keep the cost down.


Another telltale trait of the Bambino is the Orient hình ảnh. The logo sản phẩm reminds me of something that would be on a paông xã of unfiltered Pall Malls. I’m not sure what a European coat of arms has to do with a vague geographic area previously known as “the Orient” – it’s a biệu tượng công ty that makes no sense. The “Orient Star” logo sản phẩm is much cleaner.

The Movement

The current generation of the Orient Bambino has their caliber F6724 automatic. It hacks and h& winds. However, the rotor is loud & I haven’t found the power reserve to last more than 30 hours. The Bambino Version 3 does not have sầu a display baông xã. There are versions of the Bambino with an “open heart.” I’m not usually a fan of the open heart, but it’s a great option here.


The Strap

I’m always a little wary of 21mm wide straps on a watch. I was pleasantly surprised that the strap didn’t feel too chunky. The leather is pretty cheap as expected. Don’t be thrown off – it’s perfectly serviceable for normal use. Everyone that tried it on thought that is was comfortable. The case shape combined with the comfortable strap makes the Orient Bambino very easy to lớn wear.

The blaông chồng leather strap slightly tapers down to 20milimet at the buckle. It tucks nicely inlớn a traditional buckle. If you don’t care for the stock strap on the Bambino, finding a 21mm aftermarket strap will be a challenge. But they are out there.



I lượt thích to lớn fit watches lớn scenargame ios. Where is the watch appropriate lớn wear? What kind of person does it work best for? For the Orient Bambino it’s easy to place in two categories.

The first is a great entry cấp độ mechanical watch. The Orient Bambino retails for $300 USD. However, a simple Amazon search will tell you that it can be purchased at a deeply discounted price. The Bambino is like a gateway drug. It provides a little taste of Horology. If you break it or don’t lượt thích it after purchasing, it’s not a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá at that price point. You will probably move sầu on to lớn something else anyway. Don’t consider the Orient Bambino a long-term play.

The other scenario that many of us can relate to is going on job interviews. I remember being a recent graduate and being stressed on what khổng lồ wear và how to lớn present myself as I went on job interviews. At a traditional face-to-face interview, you will often find yourself sitting across from the interviewer with your hands (and a watch) on a table.

The Orient Bambino is a great option for interviewing at any company that has a business casual to lớn formal suit culture. As you interview for your first few jobs, those are often the most difficult. The Bambino is a great addition lớn the post-graduate interview wardrobe.

One Last Final Thought…

While gathering information about the Bambino I checked out the Orient USA website. I wanted to know how Orient perceived & presented their own watch. What I saw made me cringe.


The first sentence that Orient USA used on their trang web lớn describe the Bambino Version 3 was, “Modern AF.” I was stunned and they lost me right there. I know that we’ve joked about Orient USA press releases being delivered on paper airplanes, but this is pretty lowbrow. I’m not sure how this got past the copyeditor or was deemed a good idea by Orient USA leadership. This is a great lesson in the same theme as, “Think twice before hitting skết thúc.”

When you buy a watch, you buy inlớn the company behind it as well. Just something to lớn think about.

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