Birthday: Spring 18
Lives In:Pelican Town
Penny (Daughter)
Best Gifts: Beer Cactus Fruit Glazed Yams Mead Pale Ale Parsnip Parsnip Soup

We keep introducing people of Stardew Valley, và in this article, we’re going to lớn talk about Pam. She lives in Pelican Town, west of the river. She shares her trailer with her daughter, Penny. She used to lớn be a bus driver, but the bust is broken down. So, if you want her to lớn get back khổng lồ work, you have to complete bundles for Junimos or purchase the Bus repair (it costs 40,000 gold). As soon as the bus is repaired, Pam will work again, every day except rainy days.

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If the bus stop is broken, Pam spends the most time in her trailer. After 12:00 PM, she visits JojaMart, and at 4:00 PM she walks to the Stardrop Saloon. Gus, the owner of the place, is her best friend, so you can find Pam in the Saloon almost every evening.

On Spring 25th, Pam visits Dr. Harvey in the Clinic, so we suggest not planning a trip khổng lồ the Desert on this day.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Pam Edition

As you may have noticed, friendship in Stardew Valley is based on gifts. Give Pam two gifts every week, và you two will become friends for sure. Birthday gifts are especially important because their effect on your friendship is multiplied by 8. Pam’s birthday is Spring 18th, so prepare & choose a perfect gift. & we are going lớn help you with our các mục of best và worst gifts.

Pam loves Cactus Fruit, Mead, Beer, Pale Ale, Parsnip Soup, Glazed Yams, và Parsnip. You can also impress her with every item loved by most villagers. She also likes Daffodil, Milk, và Fruits.

She is neutral khổng lồ such gifts as Winter Root, Dandelion, Snow Yam, Common Mushroom, Morel, Hazelnut, Chanterelle, Leek, và Purple Mushroom.

Pam doesn’t like Wild Horseradish và Quartz, as well as Eggs. We also suggest not giving her Squid, Octopus, và Holly – she hates these items.

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Becoming friends with villagers, you unlock quests which make your Stardew Valley game more diverse & interesting. For example, on Summer 14th, Pam will ask you to lớn bring her Pale Ale. Do it & you’ll get 350 gold và a Friendship heart.

During your second year in Stardew Valley, on Fall 19th, she will also request a Battery Pack. This quest gives you an opportunity khổng lồ earn 400 gold, & another Friendship heart.

Just lượt thích other villagers, Pam sometimes leaves her requests on the “Help Wanted” board. It’s located near the Pierre’s General Store. Each cửa nhà on this board will give you three times more gold than its regular value, along with 150 Friendship points.

Talking about Friendship points, you may have noticed that they turn into Friendship hearts. Certain numbers of hearts trigger special events in the game, which are called heart events.

Heart Events

Once you’ve got three hearts with Pam, you will receive a letter from here. This letter contains a recipe for the Cheese Cauliflower. It’s a nice dish that increases your energy by 138 points, & also gives you 62 health points.

The seven-heart event with Pam is another recipe. This time, it will be Stuffing. This cool dish boosts your defense by 2 points. The effect lasts for five minutes và thirty-five seconds. It also gives you 170 points of energy và 76 health points.

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