Create a password reset disk for a local account in windows

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If you've already used this floppy disk or flash drive as a different password reset tool for a different user trương mục or computer, you'll be asked if you want lớn overwrite the existing disk. See the tip below to learn how khổng lồ use the same truyền thông for multiple password reset disks.

When the progress indicator shows 100 percent complete, select Next and then Finish in the next window.

Remove the flash drive or floppy disk from your computer. Label the disk or flash drive to identify what it's for, like "Windows 11 Password Reset" or "Windows 7 Reset Disk," & store it in a safe place.

You only need to create a password reset disk for your Windows login password once. No matter how many times you change your password, this disk will always allow you khổng lồ create a new one.

While a reset disk will certainly come in handy if you ever forget your password, anyone who possesses this disk will be able to access your Windows tài khoản at any time, even if you change your password.

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Password Reset Disks for Other User Accounts

A Windows password reset disk is only valid for the user account that it was created for. You can't create a reset disk for a different user on a different computer, or use one password reset disk on another account that may be on the same computer.

Each trương mục you want lớn protect will have lớn have its own password reset disk. You can, however, use the same floppy disk or flash drive as the password reset disk on any number of user accounts. When Windows resets a password using the reset disk, it looks for the password backup tệp tin (userkey.psw) that"s at the root of the drive, so make sure that you store other reset files in a different folder.

For example, you can keep the userkey.psw tệp tin for a user called "Amy" in a thư mục called "Amy Password Reset Disk," và another one for "Jon" in a separate folder. When it"s time to lớn reset the password for the "Jon" account, just use a different (working) computer to move the PSW file out of the "Jon" folder and into the root of the floppy disk or flash drive so that Windows can read from the right one.

It doesn't matter how many folders you keep password backup files in or how many are on a single disk. However, because you must never change the file name (userkey) or tệp tin extension (.psw), they have to be stored in separate folders to avoid a name collision.

Forgotten Passwords and No Recovery Disk Available

If you"ve forgotten your Windows password, you won"t be able to lớn create a password reset disk. There are, however, several things you can vị to try to get in. If there are multiple users with accounts on the computer, you could have another user reset the password for you. Try one of several ways to find lost Windows passwords. is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishingfamily.We"ve updated our Privacy Policy, which will go in khổng lồ effect on September 1, 2022. đánh giá our Privacy Policy
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