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3.Skill Explanation và Justification
4.Items Explanation and Justification


First of all, Hello. My name is rGOD, and i"ll introduce you concepts of how lớn dominate as tinker in the middle lane.In the sequence i"ll explain how lớn build your skill sequence(it"s not an exact science) & teach you some tricks( lượt thích woods blink, shifting your actions and so on).Let"s get it on.

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Pros-Very flexible hero-Good anti push(March)-Great nuke that makes enemy miss last-hit(laser)-Can easily force the enemy"s carry go home(laser-rearm-laser-rearm-�)-Magnificent game control rearming BOTsCons-Player must have good maps awareness-Very squish-Must have quick fingers-No scape mecanism until you finish your forcestaff/dagger

Skill Explanation và Justification

Laser: Why should I only lv up one lv of this skill? Simple: The role of this skills is to lớn make your enemy miss hits. You can use early trò chơi when your opponent is going lớn last-hit/deny a creep, or late game making the enemy carry anh hùng to miss every single hit!(How sad would be a page authority with the laser effect :/ ). "But rGOD, you still doesn"t told us why we should"t lv up laser khổng lồ lv 4 as son as possible". Think with me, if the idea is khổng lồ dominate last-hits with this skills, why make it cost you more mana than you have with no cooldown improvement? IT"S NOT WORTH IT! You can make much more DPS with your other skills.
Heat Seeking Missile: I think there"s no mistery behind this skill. Only one note: The range of the missiles is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Be care, you bởi not need lớn get close khổng lồ your target khổng lồ harass him.
March of the Machines: Great skill lớn push/anti push lanes! At lv 4 you can clear a bunch of creeps with only 2 marchs in mather of seconds(it"s not very usefull use more than twice lớn clear a creep wave).

Items Explanation và Justification

Boots of Travel: I think i don"t have lớn explain why this is a must have thành phầm :D
Soul Ring: Early trò chơi this chiến thắng is so beautiful! If you use the Soul Ring, Rearm và use the Ring again you gain 300 mana pull. With the ream lv 1 it means that you ultimate had 0 mana cost and you have more 150 mana lớn spend with the other skills or with the rearm again! It"s just OP :)
Magic Wand: Life saver! If you have balls don"t make it.
Bottle: Very good khổng lồ rune control( you can easily push your lane with march around the 50 seconds lớn the even timer and go check the rune). Moreover, you will refil your bottle lot of times going to base.

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