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Life turns on a dime for a thriving prosecutor after meeting his new perky intern, who becomes a prime murder suspect soon after joining his office.

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Mistaking Noh Ji-uk for a pervert, Eun Bong-hui publicly shames hyên ổn on the subway. That same night, she finds herself desperately in need of his help.


Hui-jun's father, a prominent attorney, chooses Ji-uk khổng lồ handle his son's case. If Ji-uk fails to lớn get a conviction, his career will be jeopardized.


Despite Ji-uk's last words, Bong-hui resolves khổng lồ find the real culprit in order to prove sầu her innocence và to lớn prove that Ji-uk's loss was not in vain.


Concerned for Bong-hui's safety, Ji-uk invites her to stay at his place temporarily & decides lớn help her catch the real culprit.

Ji-uk resigns from his current law firm with plans khổng lồ open his own practice. Meanwhile, on breaking news, a celebrity chef is found dead at his home.

The prime murder suspect, Jung Hyeon-su, specifically asks Bong-hui to represent him. On the prosecution side is Cha Yu-jeong, Ji-uk's ex-girlfrikết thúc.

Heartbroken, Bong-hui resolves to "reset" her feelings. Even while searching for the defendant's alibi, Ji-uk can't help but question his innocence.

For Bong-hui, controlling her feelings is easier said than done. Ji-uk decides to lớn run a background kiểm tra on Jung Hyeon-su in secret.

Ji-uk reveals his feelings to Bong-hui. Ji-uk và Bong-hui visit the police station to meet with Go Chan-ho but learn that he's on leave from work.

A new client confesses to killing her husbvà, & Ji-uk và Eun-hyeok argue over what's more important: the truth or maintaining confidentiality.

Ji-uk và Bong-hui visit her old neighborhood to verify a lead -- và make a shocking discovery. Bong-hui tells Ji-uk that she has an answer for hlặng.

Bong-hui gets a điện thoại tư vấn from a friend in danger. Ji-uk tells the team khổng lồ halternative text the investigation of the recent murders, but one member pursues the case.

Yu-jeong asks Jung Hyeon-su about his whereabouts during a recent attachồng. Ji-uk later confronts Jung Hyeon-su, which spirals out of control.

The search for the hit-and-run driver continues, Yu-jeong gets reprimanded by her superiors, và Ji-uk wonders who fabricated the evidence.

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A document detailing the night of his parents' death confirms Ji-uk's worst fears. Ji-uk và Bong-hui help Eun-hyeok with the arson case.

Bong-hui confronts Ji-uk. Ji-uk refuses khổng lồ accept Bong-hui’s letter of resignation and approaches Chief Prosecutor Jang about his parents' case.

No one’s convinced by Jung Hyeon-su's symptoms. Yu-jeong faces opposition when she tries khổng lồ get an arrest warrant for Jung Hyeon-su.

Bong-hui faces an intruder while working alone in the office. Ji-uk is injured and gets back his memories from the night of the fire.

Ji-uk's team tries to lớn find more evidence against Jung Hyeon-su by digging inkhổng lồ his past, including his link to Chief Prosecutor Jang.

Bong-hui & Ji-uk attover Jung Hyeon-su’s final trial. Eun-hyeok has an honest conversation with Yu-jeong. Ji-uk reaffirms his feelings for Bong-hui.

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