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huynhvohoanguyenAs many user own this phone outside of KOREA và they want some new features & lademo ANDROID Version on their phonesSo I"m writing this thread to lớn just Translatethe original post by

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- Android 6.0.1_r24-> r30- Update Bootanimations- Update boot biểu tượng logo same as bootanimation- Custom Settings Dashboard Colors- Pulse Visualizer Sanity Level- Pulse Bar Customizations- Configurable Pulse Bar Spacing- ThemeChooser: update UI- Fix Selinux permessive sầu mode reset after every reboot- Dyanamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions- Floating Window- Add Bachồng Pie- Add Pulse Tile- Statusbar weather: fix temp style after refresh- FWB :SmartBar Button Tint- Update some settings configurations icons- Disable expanded status bar weather by default- Add Option khổng lồ Enable/Disable ScreenShot và ScreenRecord Shorcut- Configurable Keyguard Quick Shortcut Colors- LLS: Show notification panel if LLS crashes- LLS: Fix screen off sự kiện firing when not interactive- Improve sầu TM animation & use stochồng detail background- Use CircularReveal animation to lớn show/hide task manager panel- Add the ability khổng lồ hide superuser status bar icon- Switch back to lớn centimet root as default- Keyguard Charging Current Switch- Keyguard: show charging current in mAh on lockscreen- Themes: Update inhỏ mapping on boot- Update themes ibé drawables- fwb: Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents- ThemesTile: Don"t process clicks on current theme item- ThemeTile: Custom QS detail header title support for theming apps- About RR : Add g+ tài khoản lớn protệp tin cards instead of twitter- Update Some Settings Activities- Settings: Ensure user has khổng lồ wait 30 before retrying pattern- SystemUI: add HeadsUp snooze disabled state- bootanimation: Switch lớn readahead- SystemUI: HeadsUp toast message- SysUI: Improve Show3g Logic- add ability lớn disable bar color in battery saver mode- Global actions: fix airplane mode switch for MSIM- SystemUI: Fix nav bar transparency when enabling software keys- SysUI: Fix reporting of swipe progess in notification panel- Lockscreen : Ensure we hide bottom area in bouncer- livedisplay: Moving LiveDisplay to CMSDK- Lockscreen : Update shortcuts in onAttachWindow- GlobalActions: Always use setZenMode- Lockscreen : Fix dead-zone in bottom area- Remove sầu Hide Settings Inhỏ from header- SystemUI: fix double tab launching custom lockscreen icon- Point Amibent display tile longpress action lớn it"s own settings- Remove sầu Invert Colors và Cast Tiles as Default- Update A Custom SB logo- Check for deprecated third tiệc ngọt keyguard perm- packagemanager: Fix bootloop if packages.xml is deleted- Fix Heads Up và TaskManager buttons in StatusBarHeaderView- QSTiles: mix disconnect callback in bluetooth details list adapter- SystemUI: Fix Statusbar Cloông chồng fonts size/color on location changes- Support for new properties lớn identify country based ecc #s added by RIL- Remove the brightness mirror- Give sầu LockCloông xã the location permission by default- translation imports- For more info Track Github Activities

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# Flash Guideâ?¢Copy zip in the phone memory (memory card)â?¢ In TWRP Recoveryâ?¢Select Wipe -> Factory resestâ?¢Install -> Select ROM .zip -> Flash româ?¢Flash GAppsâ?¢ Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cacheâ?¢rebootNOTE: The new rom you should vì chưng or not used in accordance with the above steps, it will not have problems, I saw "vast majority" of the rom you have forgotten Wipe data, leading lớn errors such as running slow, forced to lớn cthảm bại application, take waves, freezing! I hope you read carefully and install rom the steps!Thank all!
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