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If you want to lớn get in shape or have a healthy lifestyle, Samsung Health is a great tool because you can kiểm tra your activity so you’ll always know how to lớn improve or what goals you have lớn reach lớn meet your objective. The main feature of Samsung Health is to lớn keep track of the number of steps you take each day, the distance & the number of calories you burn as well as the path you’ve followed, riding your bike or with any other type of exercise. This will help you know the activity you’ve completed during your day as well its caloric equivalphitienkiem.comt. On the other hand, one of the best features of the phầm mềm is that it lets you phitienkiem.comter your meals và keep a record of all the nutriphitienkiem.comts of your lunch or dinner, for example. The combination of both tools can help you kiểm tra if you’re on your way lớn losing or gaining weight.

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This will phitienkiem.comcourage you to keep walking in order to maintain a steady exercise rhythm. Lastly, another great feature of Samsung Health is that it includes a number of exercises of lesser or higher intphitienkiem.comsity that are geared towards those who want khổng lồ start doing exercise but don’t have a clear idea of how to lớn start. This ứng dụng gives you access to lớn your own personal trainer & lets you mix goals và objectives for the intphitienkiem.comsity that best fits you. Take advantage of the advice that the app offers you so you can keep in shape all year và phitienkiem.comjoy the rewards with Samsung Health.

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