How to download and install safari on windows 10

Surely, we all have our favorite browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera ...), on the network we can find a lot of different alternatives. Although many of them are simple copies of the previous ones with a couple of changes, the most important are those developed and maintained by large companies. And one of the least known browsers, especially for Windows users, is Safari, Apple"s browser.

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SafariJust as Microsoft has Edge, Google has Chrome and Mozilla has Firefox, táo apple is responsible for the development and maintenance of its Safari browser. This is the mặc định browser used on all Mac with macOS operating system, as well as on iPhone with iOS and ipad tablet with iPadOS.Normally táo bị cắn applications vì chưng not usually leave the ecosystem, being "exclusive" to its users. However, with this browser the thing is different. Apple allows Windows users lớn use their browser, although it may not be entirely advisable to do so.
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How khổng lồ install Safari on Windows 10

Installing Safari on Windows 10 (or on Windows 7 or 8.1) has no mystery. Although táo khuyết has hidden the download section of its browser (for reasons we will see later), it is still possible to tải về the latest version of the browser published for Windows from the following link.
Once the following installer is downloaded, we run it on our computer, like any other program, and follow the instructions that appear in the wizard.

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When the installation of Safari is finished, we can start using this browser on our computer. However, since we executed it for the first time, we will begin to lớn realize the problems.

The problems of using Apple"s browser in Windows 10

It is true that Safari has nothing to khuyến mãi with the market tóm tắt of Google Chrome. Even on the company"s operating systems, users install Chrome và Firefox to lớn navigate with them. For comfort or custom, mainly.However, Safari was a good alternative for those who wanted an innovative, lightweight & fast browser. Unfortunately, Apple abandoned the development of the Windows version of this browser and, for many years (since 2012) this browser has not been updated.The Safari interface for Windows leaves much lớn be desired. It is an interface similar lớn that of the older versions of internet Explorer. In addition, because its engine has not been updated for years, many websites work poorly, or simply bởi not work.
In addition, we must bear in mind that an undamaged browser is plagued with vulnerabilities. We must exercise extreme caution when using this browser for Windows, since in recent years apple has corrected several serious bugs in Safari for macOS and iOS, bugs that are still present in the Windows version.

Can I install the latest version of Safari?

Unless you have macOS, quả táo or iPadOS, it is not possible to install & use the latest version of Safari in the browser. Apple abandoned its development long ago and, although it is still possible to download the installers, this version is completely obsolete.To be able to test the latest version is Safari in Windows 10, the only possibility is khổng lồ install macOS in a virtual machine, or opt for a hackintosh configuration that allows us lớn have the hãng apple operating system running natively on a conventional PC.

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