Nokia x review: yep, hybrid nokia x runs android


Last month at thiết bị di động World Congress, nokia answered the prayers of many of its loyalists và Android lovers by releasing not one but a trio of game android running handsets — the nokia X, XL and XL+. All three handsets are aimed at the low-end market & run the open source flavour of Android, instead of the Google one. While the hãng nokia XL & XL+ are slated to lớn go on sale sometime in Q2, the nokia X is already up for sale in certain regions of the world. We take the handset out for a spin lớn find out how good Nokia’s first app android phone really is.

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The nokia X comes with a modest 4-inch WVGA (800*480) IPS LCD display, which is strictly mediocre in nature. Color reproduction is nothing to talk about and so are the viewing angles & contrast ratios. Make no mistake about it — the X is a low-end handset with a display that suits its $140 price.

Even though the handset comes with an LCD screen, hãng nokia has included Glance — a feature that is generally seen on its AMOLED sporting Windows Phone devices. With Glance, the hãng nokia X screen goes into a low-power mode after it turns off & shows the time & any other new notifications that might have arrived.


Surprising to see Double tap khổng lồ wake & Glance screen available on the X

Another surprising feature is the presence of double tap to lớn wake — something that has only been available in a couple of high-end Windows Phone and Android flagships until now. However, the feature does not exactly work as well as hãng nokia has been leading everyone to believe. In my usage, more ofter than not, the display would not wake up via a simple double tap on the screen. Instead, I had lớn hit the screen hard twice to lớn wake up the display which really does not unique as double “tap” lớn wake.

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The hãng nokia X runs the AOSP flavour of apk 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, which means it is devoid of all the Google apps & services that we generally see in any android device. Even with the missing suite of Google apps though, the hãng nokia X does not feel or behave like any apk device you have ever used.


The option to sign in to a Google trương mục is missing on the nokia X

This is mainly because of Nokia’s own skin on đứng top of the OS, which looks like a phối between Windows Phone and Asha. On the trang chủ screen, nokia has ditched the traditional icons và widgets thiết lập of stock Android & gone with a WPesque tiles setup. The tiles are not exactly live in nature, except for the Gallery one that has a god awful transition animation, and only display limited information. For example, the Clock tile will automatically show the time when the next alarm is due, while the Phone & Messaging tiles will show the number of missed calls & unread messages. You can, however, place widgets on the homescreen via a simple long press, though they look out of place.

Further proof of the nokia X not being a traditional game android device is the lack of the standard 3 navigation buttons that are usually present in all game android devices. Instead, the X only comes with a single back button right in the centre, which also acts as a trang chủ button of sorts. As a workaround for the missing home button, hãng nokia has also included a Swipe to trang chủ gesture which allows users lớn swipe from the left or right edge of the screen, even when using an app, khổng lồ go back to the homescreen.


The Windows Phone inspired homescreen

The WP effect is visible throughout the phone with the lockscreen being exactly the same as on any Windows Phone device. Even the Settings thực đơn has been themed to look like that of a WP device. Surprisingly, the nokia X does not have any kind of app drawer. All the installed apps show up on your homescreen as a tile, which can make things confusing và cumbersome as your menu of installed apps grows.

On the X, Android’s powerful notification panel has been reduced to act as a quick way lớn toggle certain radios & features và access the Settings menu. All the notifications are, instead, viewable via the “Fastlane” screen that is accessed by double tapping on the back button or swiping lớn the left from the homescreen. Thescreen acts as a notification centre of sorts và also keeps a danh sách of all the recent apps that you have opened along with shortcuts to lớn some of your favorite apps.


Fastlane acts as a notification hub

There is no “real” multi-tasking on the X. It is not possible for users to lớn jump khổng lồ an phầm mềm running in the background while still using another app. This is mainly because of the lack of a Recents apps switcher, which forces the user lớn go back khổng lồ the trang chủ screen and use the Fastlane screen to open their desired app.

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Nokia’s take on Android

Instead of the usual Google suite of apps, the nokia X comes pre-loaded with Nokia’s own phối of apps & services. The Play Store has been replaced with the nokia Store while Google Maps has been replaced with hãng nokia Here & Drive. Google’s Play Music app has also been replaced with Nokia’s own music player & Mix Radio service.

Nokia has also pre-loaded the handset with a bunch of games và apps including SimCity Deluxe, Green Farm 3, Tetris, Fruit Ninja, Wonder Zoo, Opera Mini & more. Depending on your region, the handset might also come with the Skype ứng dụng pre-installed with a month of free Skype premium subscription.


Lots of pre-loaded apps and games on the nokia X

Even though the hãng nokia X is unlike any other app android device out there, it is compatible with the majority of app android apps và games. Hãng nokia says that developers can adapt their app to the handset by adding just a few more lines of code & it looks lượt thích the company is correct.

Even though the device has just been launched, the nokia Store is already filled with all the popular apps including BookMyShow, Flipboard, Facebook Messenger, Hike, & TrueCaller. Whatsapp, however, is still not available on the store. For the demographic that the handset is targeted towards, the nokia Store is going to vì just fine.


The nokia Store has plenty of apps

The same cannot be said about Nokia’s HERE Maps app. While the map data is pretty detailed, the tiện ích interface in itself is pretty clunky. Even after using the ứng dụng for a few days, I still cannot figure out how khổng lồ pin point my location on the map. The saving grace of the app however is the ability to tải về maps for offline usage, which Google Maps lack.


For its modest price of $99, the nokia X packs in relatively unimpressive specs under its hood: a dual chip core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 Play (Cortex A5) processor, 512MB RAM & 4GB of internal storage. Unlike the xe máy G though, the nokia X does not manage to deliver an experience that is above its price range. Use the handset for a minute & it will be absolutely clear to lớn you that the X is a low-end handset. Performance throughout the OS is nothing impressive with animations being choppy và the device always feeling sluggish.


Compared khổng lồ Nokia’s most popular Windows Phone out there — the Lumia 520 — the nokia X actually feels like a step down in terms of usability. Nokia could have easily solved most of the performance issues by going with the latest version of AOSP, KitKat, instead of the oldest version of Jelly Bean available. However, in all its wisdom, the company decided otherwise. Perhaps, it plans on pushing out an update khổng lồ the handset sometime down the line that will bring KitKat khổng lồ the X — only time will tell.


The nokia X is the beginning of a series of android running handsets from the ex-Finnish giant under the X brand. This gives us a small glimmer of hope that one day the company might release a high-end apk device with a PureView camera lớn fulfil the wish of many Nokia và Android lovers. Until then, the company wants its users to make themselves content with the X or XL whilst also trying to lớn capture the Asian và Chinese markets where the handset is selling like hot cakes.

However, more than a week after using the handset, I am not sure if nokia made a wise decision by releasing it. The company already offers two Windows Phone running handsets in the same budget — the Lumia 520 và 525 — which bring a more fluid user experience than the nokia X.The X also tries khổng lồ imitate itself as a Windows Phone running device, which does not really help matters.

The hãng nokia X does not have any kind of X-factor to lớn it that would make me recommend it to anyone. Instead, I will suggest that you go with the hãng nokia Lumia 520 or 525 in the same budget as they offer a much better user experience. The only advantage the hãng nokia X has over its Windows Phone brothers is dual-SIM support. But then the market is filled with low-end apk devices that have dual-SIM support and also access to lớn the Google Play Store for a lot more added value.

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