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We continue with the next nhà cửa in our Dota 2 công trình Guide series. In today’s edition, we’ll be taking a deeper look at Spirit Vessel. When to buy it và how to utilize it?

Every trò chơi of Dota 2 is different and you’ll need to lớn itemize properly in order to lớn counter the enemy team. We’ve already covered Blade Mail, Abyssal Blade, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, & Manta Style. Now it’s time lớn look at Spirit Vessel.

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What vì You Know About Spirit Vessel?

As usual, let’s take a short overview of the chiến thắng first:

Added in patch: 7.07 – making it one of the newest items in the game.Total cost: 2940 goldGrants: +2 Strength, +2 intelligence, +2 Agility, +250 Health, +1.5 Mana Regen, +2 ArmorActive: Soul Release – When used against enemies, it reduces health by 4% of current health per second, và reduces HP regeneration & healing by 45%. đơn hàng 35 damage per second. When used on allies, it provides 40 health regeneration per second. Lasts 8 seconds. Gains charges every time an enemy nhân vật dies within 1400 units. Only the closest Spirit Vessel lớn the dying hero will gain a charge.

How lớn Use Spirit Vessel

At first glance, Spirit Vessel is just a tư vấn item but in reality, it’s often a viable pick even on vi xử lý core heroes. The total gold cost is quite low considering the most expensive component is Vitality Booster, sitting at 1100.

While the stats provided are not that impressive, the utility it offers with the active is quite useful. When used to heal yourself or an ally, you can regenerate up khổng lồ 320 health. If you take any damage from an enemy while healing, the effect will be canceled.

What you’ll usually be interested in is the item’s offensive capability. Reducing an enemy’s regeneration & healing by 45% is no joke and the damage ticks of 4% current health plus the extra 35 per second can diminish a foe.

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It can giảm giá a total of 280 + 27.86% of current health before reductions. To put this in perspective, a target with 2000 HP và 25% magic resistance will take around 580 damage.

The healing reduction effect is excellent when dealing with something lượt thích Huskar, Lifestealer, Morphling, or Alchemist, supports that rely on healing an ally like Oracle, Dazzle will also be punished. In addition, every hero with a high health pool (most Strength carries & offlaners) will take massive damage from the effect. On cast, it applies heal reduction, health regen reduction, lifesteal reduction, và spell lifesteal reduction.

When lớn Buy It?

Note that if there is more than one Spirit Vessel/Urn of Shadow on your team, only the one closest lớn a dying enemy nhân vật will get the charge. Heroes that should buy the vật phẩm include pretty much anyone with a decent damage over time effect:

Witch DoctorAncient ApparitionVenomancerDoomPhoenixOgre MagiEarth SpiritInvoker (it’ll proc Cold Snap as often as possible)PudgeViper

Heroes like Io and Oracle can also use it to lớn greatly amplify the amount it heals. Io through Tether và Oracle through False Promise. As long as an enemy is affected by the Spirit Vessel debuff they won’t be able khổng lồ use Blink Dagger. This makes escaping harder and will net you a kill in some situations.

Countering Spirit Vessel

The most simple way to lớn counter the thành tựu is to not die. Easy right? Spirit Vessel can only gain a charge when an enemy nhân vật dies in rage. The second best option would be spells that dispel. A lot of heroes like Abaddon, Oracle, Legion Commander, and others. If you’re missing a direct dispel spell it’d be a good idea lớn have a Lotus Orb on one of your teammates.

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