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General:I don"t own any rights to this map, but intend lớn publish it here as it gained quite a lot of attention on the battle net already.Pokemon defense 3.9 is based on the older pokemon defense version v10 final by feverMore (Pokemon Defense v10 Final - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic feature of this remake are complete Pokemon models for all units, many new Pokemon và better balanced gameplay in general.I bởi vì NOT intend lớn steal or copy this maps in any way, this is just a promotion for the great map made by bravehon!Just translating it was necessary or nobody outside of korea would be able lớn play this properly.Original Pokemon Defense by bravehon source:2018 ⓒ bravehon ( ) All rights reserved.Map information:As this map is originally just in korean language & therefore hard to learn & understand I decided lớn make this translated version.In total it took me around 50-100 hours already khổng lồ have all unit names, gameplay messages và most ability tooltips translated.Sadly there are still a few bugs in the translations so it requires playing a couple of times lớn understand all the Pokemon and game mechanics properly.I just want this bản đồ to be more appealing lớn the whole wc3 community & will try lớn improve translations with every new main release.Gameplay:The main aspect of this bản đồ is khổng lồ build a team of Pokemon you can catch.Pokemon spawn randomly in a mix location for each player and appear in different rarities & types.Suggested Players are 2-full (best is khổng lồ have 6+)Possible rarities are (nothing), (trade), (mature), (strong), (legend).The different types are normal, fire, water, grass, electric, psychic and fighter.Rare Pokemon are harder lớn catch but therefore stronger in general.You use gold to upgrade your units or buying some upgrades & lumber=hyberballs to lớn save-catch any non-legend pokemon.The trainer unit which is used to catch Pokemon can also search for a certain type and reroll a pokemon.Each round 3 new Pokemon spawn where 2 of them match the selected trainer type.After catching Pokemon you can set their positions in a small arena where they will fight against another players teamor versus npc units in survival mode.This is a little bit like legion TD in terms of positioning.Pokemon with (trade) in their name can be swapped khổng lồ another unit if they reach màn chơi 100.To trade simply type -ta and if the current trade rotation contains the (trade) unit it will be swapped.Trading rotates in 3 different sets và you always trade khổng lồ the type that counters the traded counter.Meaning if you trade a lvl 100 (fire) it becomes a (electric) unit as water counters fire và electric counters water sothe electric might help your team if the sending player has many water units.Selling:Catched Pokemon can be sold by either using the sell ability or pressing the T hotkey.Selling a Pokemon has the advantage of granting you a một nửa chance to lớn earn a Hyperball & also giving you a small portion of gold back.Until round 3 selling is a 100% gold return, which allows you to upgrade a different unit if the first round went poorly.Income:It is possible to lớn increase the totally earned gold by saving money and getting more bonus gold.Starting with round 5 every player gets an additional 10% of current gold as bonus.Usually the bonus gold can be ignored but it is still viable to try và save some gold if possible.Achievements:There are a few achievements lớn complete in this map which can be done on every playtrough.As it was not totally clear khổng lồ me what each achievement is about the translations there might be pretty bad.Anyway possible achievements are:-Sell 5 Pokemon: Reward 1 Hyperball-Lose đôi mươi Life: Reward 1 Eevee unit-Fail catching a certain amount of Pokemon-(Fail catching a certain amount in Round 1) not confirmed yet-(Buy a certain amount of Life) not confirmed yetFinally the maps might seem very random at first glance but there are many possibilities to minimize the random factor.Such as selecting the trainer type, trading units và using hyperballs khổng lồ save-catch certrain strong units.Also positioning can have a big impact on your fighting performance such asstacking suicide bomber units, putting ranged in back line & tanks khổng lồ the front.Beginner information:How khổng lồ catch Pokémon:

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To give everyone some kind of basic guide khổng lồ pokemon defense 3.9 I created following cheat sheet (3.9-E version):

To catch a Pokemon select one of your two trainer units & use the catch ability or simply C hotkey lớn catch any Pokemon around you.Before catching a Pokemon make sure to lớn look at their names. There are different types of rarity & therefore strength.The strongest pokemon are (Legend), these are only available in legendary mode.The second strongest pokeom are (strong), make sure lớn catch these first or save 8 Hyperball for a save catch!The third strongest are called (mature).Pokemon with (buff) in their name give some aura or buff khổng lồ your team (e.g. Armor, speed, damage, ...).Pokemon with (debuff) in their name give some aura or debuff to the attacking team (e.g. -armor, -speed, -damage,...).Pokemon with (trade) in the name can be traded to stronger ones at màn chơi 100 by using the -ta command. Trade pokemon have a 3 round rotation, so just type -ta and after a maximum of 3 rounds it works (or look the the right side).Other tips:
All 4 life you thất bại a hyperball is gained.Achievements can be made every game, for example selling 5 pokemon or losing trăng tròn life gives a reward.Selling pokemon has a một nửa chance lớn give 1 Hyperball, so don"t forget to lớn use it if you need more of them!Don"t forget to upgrade the attack, defense và especially HP of your Pokemon,you can type -poke to check which types you own.The last upgrade in the defense building will increase max HP by 5% for all Pokemon and is very strong in late game!How lớn (usually) win:Try to lớn get a few (strong) pokemon & stack (buff),(debuff) units to bolster your team strength.Keep on catching new Pokemon each game to learn their abilities (tooltips are sadly not 100% correct).Learn how lớn counter certain strong pokemon.Important pokemon to lớn catch:In early trò chơi get-Persian, Luxray, Infernape, Leafeon, Umbreon, Sandslash or WynautFor mid-late game get-Aura units: Machamp, Pinsir, Houndoom, Unown, Blissey, Wigglytuff, Persian, Pidgeot, Kingdra, Lapras, Bellossom-Debuff units: Absol, Hydreigon, Xatu, Mega Manectric, Zebstrika, Ho-OhLate game-stack all suicide bomber units in front and upgrade them (-bomb command)Pokemon types:Normal type is strong against electric type.Electric type is strong against water type.Water type is strong against fire type.Fire type is strong against grass type.Grass type is strong against psychic type.Psychic type is strong against fighter type.Fighter type is strong against normal type.Commands:1 (Upgrade all Pokemon once)-watch (switch into watch mode, ending the trò chơi for you)-cam 1-2099 (Field of view adjustment)-eye 50~150 (Field of view adjustment)-ta (trade all màn chơi 100 trade Pokemon)-라이프,-LF (buys life, 4 hyperball = 1 life)-poke (Check the number of each Pokemon property)- mega (select mega pokemon of type) example: -normal mega- 1 (select all Lv 1 pokemon of type) example: -normal 1-mega (select all level 100 Pokemon with pending mega evolution)-bomb (selects suicide bomber)-bomb 1 (selects màn chơi 1 suicide bomber)-aura (tells you if you own units with an aura/debuff abilitiy)Replace in commands with one of following keywords:normal, fire, water, grass, elec, psy, fightVideos:3.8-D Fix with some explanation:

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